Wednesday, January 17, 2018

happy new year . . .

I love new beginnings . . . big or small.
I love starting a new school year at work . . . using a new journal . . . moving into a new house.  (I haven't done this in years, but the first few years of our marriage - Richard was in the Navy - so we moved often).  I always liked unpacking and making a new place our home.  He accuses me of recreating this feeling on a regular basis by rearranging or redecorating . . . or reorganizing closets just because I get in a mood. He's probably right.  So a NEW YEAR . . . I have to love it - right? . . . I do, but to be honest this New Year hasn't really felt like a new beginning to me.  Maybe because I had my mom visiting me for a couple of months and I had to say good bye to her . . . and right after that I got sick.
 . . . or maybe some years are just like that.  
So I find myself 17 days into this year without the usual feeling of a new beginning. 

A few years back I started choosing a “Word for the Year”.
Now that I am feeling better, maybe that is a good place to start my new year . . . choosing a new word. 

Last year I chose the word FAITH.  I was feeling like I needed to worry less . . . and let my faith get me through things.  It may have been a case of “be careful what you wish for” 
. . . because I definitely had to draw on my faith.

I watched my son deal with some things in his personal life which hurt him and tested him.  I am happy to say he got through it and because of his own faith he keeps moving forward.  It is hard for me to watch my children hurt – even if they are adults and I know that life can be hard and I know they will get through it and life will eventually get better for them again.  Sometimes all I can do is love them, let them know that I am there if they need me, and pray!  I prayed a lot last year!

Then there was Richard.  A few years ago he was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Unfortunately he had a recurrence this past year . . . and according to his doctor, “It came back with a vengeance.”  
Did I mention I prayed a lot last year!
Two rounds of chemo and 45 radiation treatments later . . . beardless, weighing 30 pounds less, and not being able to taste anything . . . he made it through that.  His scans continue to come back clean and we are thankful each and every time they do.  His strength and determination through his treatments was amazing.  He has gotten a little wacko since his treatments ended . . . we are dealing with that.  I am finding that the hardest thing about dealing with him having cancer has come after the treatments.  This seems to be true for both of us.  Life can be hard and I know we will get through it and life will eventually be better again . . . WAIT!!  Life is better again!
Let’s see . . . after that Richard tore his rotator cuff and had to have surgery.  In light of the cancer – this seemed like a small thing, but it is has been a little trying not having him able to do the things he normally does.  It was during this recovery that he made the comment that he hopes this next year is better than this past year.  I have to agree, but . . . This past year ended with Richard being cancer free, we have a beautiful new granddaughter, his beard grew back, I have amazing children and grandchildren who I see regularly, and in spite of whatever life throws at me I have a faith that gets me through.  Now more than ever I realize we have to celebrate the good days and love each other through the bad ones. 

So my word for next year . . .

I have some very personal reasons for choosing that word . . . and if I get in the right mood I may just tell you all about them. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Skeleton and Elf Giveaway

I am excited to invite you to enter the first giveaway by @skeletonandelf I am giving away the 2015 Skeleton and Elf book. It is an 8x8, full color, hardcover book with dust cover. Free to one lucky winner. Super easy to enter.
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Giveaway closes Thursday 12/22/17 at 12:00 PM Winner will announced on Friday 12-23. Delivery for winner is not guaranteed by Christmas - but you never know.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Peace Tree

I absolutely love my Christmas tree this year. 
 I didn't get everything made that I wanted to put on it - so it isn't quite as full as I would have liked it to be . . . but I will add to it next year.  I will also start a little sooner.  
This was sort of a last minute idea and I still was in the process of making pom poms when we brought the tree home.  We got it in the stand and Charlotte was ready to decorate the tree right then . . . 
. . . so we decorated the tree - ready or not.
For me decorating a tree with my 5 year old granddaughter is mostly about letting her decorate how she wants.  This tree is so kid friendly . . . and we had so much fun!  
We added a few ornaments that I had to fill it it and set the tree in front of this tapestry . . .  I LOVE IT!
We are calling it our PEACE tree!

If you notice the little doll toward the top.  I won her in a Giveaway on Instagram @ b3twixt.  
Check out her dolls in her ETSY shop - B3twixtByJessi 
I like the idea of a WISH doll . . . now what to wish for?

skeleton and elf . . . days 9-12

Monday, December 4, 2017

one more thing . . .

 She was a little hesitant to walk through this shed.  
. . . then she did this. 
 I guess it reminded her of something spooky.

great day for a GREAT day . . .

 We took Charlotte to pick out a Christmas Tree on Saturday.
The weather was beautiful.  It was a great day to be five!
 She wanted to do everything and go everywhere . . . 
and if you let yourself enjoy a day through the eyes of a five year old - you can have
nothing but a great day!!!

 I am thinking Richard looks a little bit like Santa? . . . 
or does Santa look a little bit like Richard?

I just like to smile,
smilings my favorite.
~ Buddy the Elf. 

skeleton and elf . . . days 1-4

The first four days of Skeleton and Elf . . . 
My mother is visiting and she was laughing and asked me, "What did I do to raise such a weird daughter?"  I responded that I wasn't weird . . . just different!

Being different isn't a bad thing.
It means you are brave enough to be yourself.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Skeleton & Elf ornaments . . .

I found this little Elf ornament at Jo Ann's the other day . . . so had to buy a few of them and put them together with some skeleton ornaments.
 I think I am going to have to decorate a small Skeleton and Elf tree this year. 
My Skeleton and Elf tradition starts Friday.
 It's silly . . . all in fun . . . and I have a lot of fun coming up with ideas.
Follow along here or on Instagram or Facebook.
Here's to a great Tuesday 
and a very fun day!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

little shabby charlotte doll . . .

“The doll making journey begins 
decades before you even know it, by 
gathering a lifetime of seemingly unrelated skills, 
which one day collide, 
causing complete and total harmony!” 
― Gayle Wray
I'm finally posting pictures of  the latest doll that I finished.  She was created from a drawing that Lily made.  She is only about 7 inches tall and has the skinniest little legs . . . 
. . . and the cutest little bloomers under her skirt.  
Not exactly like her drawing . . . but close enough to make Lily smile.
Fun little doll for a special little girl in my life!