Thursday, July 24, 2014

walking . . . new markers . . . PEACE!

 I saw this little group while I was walking today . . . this photo really doesn't show how absolutely adorable they looked.  I thought to snap a picture at the last minute . . . they were just all so cute, all I could do was smile, and of course all those darling little ones just smiled back.  There are two or three that you can't even see . . . it made my day!
 I was able to get another 5 miles in today.  I had hoped to maybe go 6 or 7, but I felt like I was getting a blister on one heel . . . probably a good thing I stopped.  I still had more songs I wanted to listen to . . . and more thoughts to go through my head, but the 5 miles was good. 
"Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, 
my thoughts begin to flow." ~Henry David Thoreau
"After a day's walk everything has twice its usual value." 
~George Macauley Trevelyan
"A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world." ~Paul Dudley White
 New markers and discarded books . . . 
 . . . mean a new group journal for our house.  Luke and Lily just started drawing and doodling in this book . . . and I thought it would make a good "house" journal - for everyone to add to when they are here.  
So we will have to see what we end up with . . . 
Owen seemed to like the idea.
. . . and PEACE from Lily.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

yesterday . . . simply a good day!


I like trying new beers . . . and even better when the beer is actually served in a glass that advertises the beer and brewery that I am drinking.  Now this is a unique beer glass!  That little glass pig on the bottom is great!
Yesterday, I had an appointment with my oncologist regarding some enlarged lymph nodes and a scan that I had done.  Everything came back fine, which is always a relief.  Even though I feel fine . . . having had melanoma - when my doctor is concerned about something - I tend to worry.  It seems like there have been too my doctor appointments lately . . . and they always lead to another appointment or another scan.  I have to say I am sort of tired of the whole thing.  
 On a much lighter note, I found my Ipod.  I love to walk no matter what, but what a difference the music makes.  I just kept walking and running . . . and put in 5 miles.  I was going to go another mile or two, but did not have water with me and didn't think it was such a good idea in the heat.  
(Today . . . I will take water.)  
Richard had to work late last night . . . so I went in with him and spent some time roaming around the library where he works.  I love being there when the building in nearly empty of people.  I took the time to put some of my cranes out.  I reached the 500 mark - half way through my 1000 paper crane project.  Richard was glad to get done when he did . . . I was hoping we would be there until after dark.  He promised to take me back late one night . . . for some reason that sounds like fun.
I haven't read anything by Stephen King in years.  When I was young - I think I read everything he wrote.  Luke has been telling me to read Duma Key ever since he finished it.  It has grabbed my interest.  Who knows . . . I may find a renewed interest in reading Stephen King.
Walking, good news from the doctor, reading, paper cranes, wandering around the library, and a cold beer in a fun glass - I would consider yesterday a good day!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1983 . . .

I am loving all the mail art that I see on Pinterest . . . and it reminds me of the letters that Richard and I would send each other years ago when he was in the Navy.  I've been wanting to get them out and look at them again.  They made me smile then and make me smile now.  Those were some long separations for us - before Internet and cell phones.  We talked on the phone some - but those bills would add up pretty quickly.  So mail it was . . . I think we wrote each other nearly every day.  I would go a week without getting a letter, and then one day the mail box would be full.  We seemed to have had a "Planet" theme going - obviously . . .
I may have to sit and read some of these letters while I'm at it.  We never seemed to run out of things to write about . . . and many of the letters we sent were three or more pages long . . . Just talking about Luke (who was a baby), and what we did each day, and how much we missed each other.  I think it would be much easier to go through those separations now with today's technology, but I love the time and love we put into writing to each other . . . and I love having my special box of letters from back then.

happy saturday . . .

Friday, July 18, 2014

good stuff this week . . .

It has been a good week . . . full of doctor's appointments unfortunately, but that has to be done.  More importantly I had a chance to visit Richard at work . . . 
 . . . where this guy caught my eye.  He let me get quite close.
I don't think he could see me through the glass.  He looked great perched up there.
 I love walking all through the library . . . 
So many great place to tuck paper cranes.  
New nails . . . which I really like!
 I found another note from mom . . . that made me smile and think of her.  
 Beautiful flowers that made me wish that I had brought a blanket and a picnic. 
 With some time to waste . . . I spent a couple hours walking through Old Town - roaming through some shops and antique stores.   I found a great USA vase at a great price, some wood and iron letters, an old light fixture (that I still need to go back and get) . . . and these letters . . . which for some reason caught my eye.  I think I like them simply because they are green.  I also found a cute top, skirt, and clutch . . . I guess I was in the mood to shop today.  

Life can get hectic . . .  I have learned how to deal with things so much better than when I was younger, but still there are times when it can all really seem like too much.  I like these three words . . . Get yourself at peace . . . forgive, let go, let God . . . and enjoy the peace that that brings.  Love . . . simple right? - but not just love the people you care about or just say the words - take care of them, don't take them for granted, help them, talk to them . . . and let them know how much you love them.  Happiness . . . for me I have found that to be a choice.  Choose happiness . . . it works!