Sunday, January 15, 2017

keeping the winter blahs away . . .

Winter days call for some color - don't you think? 
 I am not a big fan of winter . . .  and January seems to want to get the better of me sometimes. 
 I tend to put up a fight when things want to get the better of me.  So I am fighting back with paint, and origami paper, and monkey button rings.  

"They say a person needs just three things
to be truly happy in this world:
someone to love, something to do, 
and something to hope for."
~ Todd Bodett

Saturday, January 14, 2017

buttons and bows . . .

I purchased this head wrap for my new granddaughter.  It will be awhile yet before I get to take a picture of her wearing it . . . but I did get a glimpse of her during Kasey's ultra sound this week.
Check out Che Bella Bows on ETSY.  (although I believe her shop is closed for a few days)
. . . and a few more button rings.  I think Charlotte is going to love these.

coloring . . .

Richard found this wonderful origami  paper that you color.
Now I just want to color and fold cranes . . . 
. . . and paint . . . and sew . . . and take pictures . . . and make dolls.  
I have a head full of ideas these days . . .  hoping to make it a creative new year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

paper cranes and paint . . .

Faith is not about everything turning out okay.
Faith is about being okay 
no matter how things turn out.

I am back to work this week after two weeks off - which I suppose is a good thing.  Being back on a schedule seems to help me in some ways . . . but I am missing my late nights and days filled with doing exactly what I want to do.  
I am finding a little time each day to play and create something.  
That is good for me . . . good for who I am.  

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Today I choose JOY!

I love her hands . . . and I love her face . . . and I love her imagination!
She brings us so much JOY! 
Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2017

starting a new year . . .

Busy day today . . . but doodled a little with some paint this morning.  Busy in a good way - lunch with a friend, some shopping, some projects, and time with Charlotte.
I found the list below at  Meet Me At Mikes . . . I think these are fun!

Making:  dolls and doodles . . . journal pages . . . and crocheting a beanie
Cooking:  13 Bean Chili
Drinking:  coffee . . . always coffee (but tonight it is decaf)
Reading:  The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler . . . just starting it
Drawing:  doodles
Wanting:  warmer weather . . . not a lover of cold weather (I consider anything below 60 degrees cold . . . yes, I am that big of a wimp)
Looking:  at my closet . . . thinking I need to clean it out . . . UGH!
Deciding:  if I should go to Starbucks in the morning . . . decided – it’s a yes . . but it will be cold outside. :(
Wishing:  the best for everyone in 2017
Enjoying:  quiet mornings . . .
Waiting:  . . . about 3 more months for a new granddaughter
Liking:  Instagram
Wondering:  where a few photographs are in my house . . . I stuck them away and can't find them
Loving: . . . the time I spend with Charlotte
Pondering:  a road trip . . . 
Listening:  to nothing . . . nice and quiet
Considering:  a new camera
Buying:  a new purse . . .
Watching:  Game of Thrones
Hoping:  for some good news tomorrow
Marveling:  at how quickly last year flew by . . . and here we are starting another new year.
Cringing:  at seeing Winter Break end . . . but I getting back into a routine can be a good thing for me
Needing:  that road trip I am thinking about
Questioning:  someone’s mental state
Smelling: the new lotion I bought today
Wearing:  leggings and a flannel shirt
Noticing:  it is getting late and I should really be getting to sleep
Knowing:  life is short . . . enjoy every minute!
Thinking:  I am going to drink coffee and be a bum in the morning
Admiring:  so many creative people . . . .
Getting:  obsessed with avocados . . . 
Bookmarking: some ideas for baby shower favors and a Project Life Album 
Disliking:  getting sick . . . finally starting to feel better
Opening:  a letter from my Aunt Olive
Closing:  my book for the night
Feeling:  INSPIRED!
Hearing:  nothing but quiet . . . 
Celebrating:  a new year . . . a new beginning.  I love new beginnings!
Pretending:  that people don’t piss me off
Embracing:  FAITH

Also found this website . . . according to them - here are my nine best Instagram images for 2016.
I'm seeing a theme here . . . 
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

magic . . .

. . . and then there is little girl magic!  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

my word for 2017 . . . faith

The idea is to pick one word to focus on for the new year . . . just one word.
I have never really liked the idea of making resolutions for the new year.  They tend to be things I should be doing anyway . . . and I have always felt that picking the beginning of the year to start new habits or make positive changes isn't really the best way for me.  
But ONE word . . . I like that idea. A word is something I can embrace and something I can apply to  many areas of my life.  A word can't be broken like a resolution.  It is there as a reminder and to encourage me every day . . . something to keep me focused on what I need to do
I didn't really think long and hard . . . although there are a lot of words I could have picked to inspire me and move me forward in the areas of my life I would like to improve.  I simple thought about what I need right now.  I tend to worry too much . . . and to be honest life has given me some things that I have a real reason to worry and stress about.  
I absolutely hate when stress gets the better of me because I know better than to let it . . . and then it does . . . and then it does again.   
My word for 2017 is FAITH . . . .
Faith in God . . . that I need to trust in him and his timing
Faith in myself . . . it is my life and journey - no one elses.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to these two . . . my Christmas shopping ended with a smile.
Now to get on to the important stuff . . . celebrating the holidays with family!

skeleton and elf . . .

Thursday, December 22, 2016

from my secret santa . . .

This is what was on my desk when I got to work this morning . . . from my Secret Santa. 
I love it!  (I think my Secret Santa knows me.)  

paper crane . . . candy canes . . .

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Spirit . . .

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer,
 is singing loud for all to hear."
~ Buddy the Elf

 I haven't posted my skeleton and elf photos here for a few days . . . 
I also update them daily on 
FacebookInstagram, and a separate page - Skeleton and Elf
A bit much?  Yeah - but fun for me and I have different people who follow 
the shenanigans of Skeleton & Elf on different sites.   

I've decided that they really do have their own way of showing some Christmas Spirit . . . because no matter what Skeleton dishes out . . . no matter what he does . . . that little Christmas Elf just keeps on smiling.  There is no getting rid of his Joy . . . and he remains happy and enjoys the holiday season - every day of it.  So . . . when you find yourself tired and cranky and maybe a little stressed from shopping or whatever else the holidays have you doing . . . just remember Elf.  
Remember to smile, be patient and kind to everyone you encounter, be filled with JOY . . . 
Believe in the MAGIC and be filled with Christmas Spirit!  
If you just can't figure how to do that . . . then work at it!  Put on some Christmas music, sing along,  attend a children's holiday performance, watch your favorite holiday movie, help someone less fortunate than you, drink some eggnog, smile . . . better yet laugh, bake some cookies, eat some cookies, wear a Santa hat, have your picture taken with Santa, take a small child to look at Christmas lights and watch their excitement . . . then get that excited yourself.  Most of all . . . remember why we celebrate this season! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

rainy day pizza . . .

Charlotte loves rain (what 4 year old doesn't?)
She also loves "rainy day pizza" . . . and being silly for the camera!
I love spending time with these two.