Sunday, May 24, 2015

love . . . pink . . . a paper crane . . . silly girls

Today there was time for crocheting . . . and being silly. 
 There is nothing quite like a couple of silly little girls.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thank you cards from Room 12

miniature paper crane . . .

One of the girls from Room 12 folded miniature paper cranes today.  
I have folded only one crane this small . . . it is a little harder than it looks.
These 4th graders are crane crazy this year.  They are stopping in the office to show me their cranes, the origami paper they have gotten, and to get some cranes out of my crane jar - these they are placing around the school for other people to find.  I also have some wonderful Thank You cards they made me . . . which I will have to take some pictures of and share.  I love 4th graders!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shabby Charlotte Doll - Ivey . . . finally for sale

I posted pictures of this little doll awhile back, but never got around to naming her and writing her story.  So today she has a name and a story and is listed for sale here.  Something about this one I really like!

Ivey is quiet, thoughtful, and a little bit quirky.  She loves nature . . .  if it was up to her she would live in a tree house surrounded by flowers and fireflies.  She likes lady bugs, tomato and cucumber sandwiches, and she is especially fond of purple flowers.  Ivey chooses every day to be happy . . . no matter what is going on around her.  She loves to help others and finds that the more she helps others the happier she is.  Keep this little doll close by . . . and you can’t help but be a little happier also. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

I love weekends!

There were paper cranes . . . and markers . . . little girls laughing and dancing.
I stayed up too late, slept in, and drank too much coffee . . . 
It was a very nice, very relaxing weekend.

 We have had an old wooden Moosehead crate for years.  I think I have kept it all this time only because it reminds me of a very dear friend and all the fun we had when we were young.  I have been cleaning out and getting rid of stuff for the last few weeks . . . and had decided to get rid of it.  This mood to clean out has really taken hold of me - and even the sentimental me is able to part with things that I have kept for years.   Richard surprised me yesterday by using the wood to make me a cute little wood box.  I put all of the little boxes he makes me to good use . . . and this one I can be a little more sentimental about than usual.
 I forgot to post a picture of the coffee mug that Jennifer and Lily made me for Mother's Day.
That is Lily's hand print in purple . . . with her other hand print on the other side . . . and her precious kindergarten writing.
I crocheted this beanie for Charlotte on Saturday.  I haven't crocheted anything in quite sometime and forgot how therapeutic it is for me.  Anytime I crochet something I think about my Grandma.  I find myself looking through my crochet hooks until I find an old one that belonged to her.  I couldn't help but think the other day when I was making this beanie - that she may have made something for me using the same crochet hook.  
My weekend was very relaxing.  There is a lot to be said for spending time at home with the people you love.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Before Pinterest . . .

I guess Pinterest was made for people like me . . . who before the Internet and the idea of virtual boards and pins . . . put all of my ideas in a notebook.  Before throwing away a magazine I would cut out the pictures and patterns that I liked and glue them into a notebook.  I still do this a little bit . . . even though Pinterest makes this much easier to do online . . . I still like my Idea Notebooks.  Nothing fancy . . . just a glue stick, a composition book, and pictures of things I like or want to try making.  I have a separate Idea Notebook just for Halloween ideas. 

I had a few pictures that I wanted to glue into a book today - and someone else had to get in on the cutting and gluing.  Everything is more fun with Charlotte helping . . . and more messy.

Friday, May 8, 2015

tall and taller . . .

 I asked Luke to stand next to my sunflower . . . to show how big it has gotten.  (Luke is 6' 4")
He did it a little unwilling at first, but being Luke he went along with it and had me laughing by the time we were finished . . . 
. . . mostly with this pose and the comment - "Here, let me do a Dad pose."
You can see the first flower blooming on top.  It looks like we may get quite a few of them - at least I am hoping we do.  I love sunflowers!  Again the snails have destroyed a few of my small plants coming up . . . but I am hoping for a few giant sunflowers this year too.  
Yesterday gave us thunder, lightening, hail, and some much needed rain.
My garden loved it . . . so did Luke.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday . . .

I like people who
smile when it's raining.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

paper cranes every day . . .

This is what the kids from Room 12 brought to show me today.  Each year I have a few students who take an interest in origami after I show them how to fold cranes . . . this group is something else.  Most of them have gone out and bought paper . . . and today a few of them had these plastic boxes to carry their paper and cranes in.  I love their enthusiasm.  It looks like I may spend a few more lunch hours folding paper cranes with these kids . . . their enthusiasm is contagious.



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

and even more paper cranes . . .

I spent my lunch break folding cranes out on the playground . . . 
One little girl was very excited to show me the small crane she had folded . . . and to tell me that her and her friends were numbering them and putting words on them.
FEARLESS . . . good word!

walking and other good stuff . . .

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow
ourselves to recognize how good
things really are."
~ Marianne Williamson

Yesterday was full of good stuff . . . 
. . . walking home with Lily.  Oh, the conversations we have while we are walking.  She is full of questions and wonder, and knows that if she asks for something Clare Helen is apt to say yes . . .  
There is a lot to be said for spending time with a child.
. . . a letter from Aunt Sue
She wrote her letter on ads that she cut out of the newspaper.
I love this idea!
I have had so many students from room 12 stopping by my desk for help with folding paper cranes.
 . . . and MadBum was brilliant. 
"Hitting is timing.  
Pitching is upsetting timing."
~ Warren Spahn

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend . . .

I believe I started this doll back in February . . . with good intentions of getting her done way before now.  I'm so happy to finally have her finished that I am posting pictures even though she doesn't have a name yet . . . and I still have to write a story about her.  
It has been a busy weekend . . . but a productive, fun, relaxing kind of busy. 

"Music always sounds better on Friday."  
~ Lou Brutus