Monday, September 30, 2013

Metro Hotel and Cafe

Richard found this great Bed & Breakfast online.  It had great reviews . . . not only from guests, but also from Sunset Magazine.  It was described as cute, charming,  unique, and quirky . . . it was all of that. 
A unique French-feeling boutique hotel that was welcoming, warm, and fun. The room had a great ambiance and was so relaxing. It is not your run-of-the-mill chain hotel . . . which we loved.  The funky decor gives the hotel the a unique character which is just the type of thing we like. There is a little cafe/lounge area were you can make your own drip coffee - delicious - and tandem bikes you can take out for a ride.  There are wonderfully quaint gardens to sit and enjoy.  Our only regret is  not staying a day or two longer.  We are definitely going back.  So many wonderful details . . . right down to the key.  I could have spent a good portion of the day just snapping pictures.  Definitely an ooola kind of place.  :)

On the road . . .

Just a few pictures on the road . . . this one only because this sort of traffic always just makes me glad that I don't live in a large city.  I love what a large city has to offer . . . but there is no way I could live day to day in a city where 7 lanes of traffic all merge together. 

A couple of shot of the Richmond Bridge.  I actually snapped pictures all the way over the bridge and they look sort of cool when you run them all together . . . but way too many bridge pictures for one post.
The rest of my time on the road was spent stuffing Shabby Charlotte bodies and making pompoms.  :)  Over the years I have made Richard crazy on road trips.  It is hard for me to be in the car for miles and miles with nothing to do.  There was a cross country trip of reading trivial pursuit cards . . . he still gets a funny look on his face when we get that game out. 
I've gotten better at keeping my self busy.  We listened to some great old Classic Rock - and I kept myself busy working on doll bodies.  I still like driving him crazy every few miles . . . I don't let him completely off the hook.   :)

Mission Santa Clara

I was wondering where to start with my pictures from this past weekend.  Since Halloween is approaching (my favorite holiday), I will go with the words of a witch . . . Glinda -  the good witch of the North  . . . "It is always best to start at the beginning."

Saint Clara

Our first stop of the weekend was University of Santa Clara - Mission Santa Clara.  Richard went to school here and always loves stopping.  We stopped at the bookstore and bought a couple of things (it was a weekend for t-shirts - that is for sure).  Then we walked around a bit . . . just long enough to snap a few pictures.
As we walked through campus you couldn't help but notice the change as we entered the grounds around the mission . . . the noise and energy of the campus faded into the background and you felt the peacefulness of the mission take over.  It is a beautiful place . . . and I love it more very time we stop.  The rose pictured above has to be the largest rose I have ever seen.
 I have only been to a few of the missions in California.  I think I may have to make an effort to visit them all.  Mission Santa Clara . . . named after Saint Clara of course is going to be special to me . . .
Just a short visit . . . a few photos . . . a crane dropped . . . a couple of new t-shirts, a coffee mug, and a new hat . . . and we were off. 

paper crane update . . .

I was able to put some of my cranes out this weekend.  I left one at the Santa Clara Mission . . . which I love to visit.  We only stopped for a short while, but I took some pictures that I will post later.  I like when we go out of town and I have a chance to drop cranes other than where we live . . . and to give them to people.  We met some really nice people this weekend that I shared my cranes with. 

great weekend . . .

We went to Petaluma for the weekend and had such a great time that I really don't even know what to post about first.  I have so many pictures to go through . . . this wonderful bed and breakfast we stayed at . . . the "Halloween & Vine" art/craft show . . . Lagunita's Brewery . . . Volpi's Italian restaurant . . . We went to "Halloween & Vine" last year - so this year we knew more of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. 
It was a wonderful weekend.  We wish now that we had planned on spending another day.  So hopefully I will get through some of the pictures tonight . . . it will be a week of everything Petaluma.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Trixie . . .

 . . . and her pet spider Fitch.
Finally . . . a new Shabby Charlotte doll.  She is for sale on my Etsy shop.  It has been awhile since I have gotten a Shabby Charlotte doll made, so I was anxious to get some pictures posted and get her listed. 

Trixie is a quirky little doll all dressed up for Halloween . . . which happens to be her favorite holiday.  She loves tricks and treats . . . and is always on the lookout for both.  Her favorite treats are black jelly beans and pumpkin scones.  Her bag holds some autumn leaves, a magic wand, and a special key that will unlock any door she may want to open.  She goes everywhere with her pet spider Fitch . . . who just happens to spin golden webs.  Trixie is not afraid of anything, so keep her near you when you are frightened and her smile and make you feel better. 

Doodling & Beyond

I had ordered this book and received it today.  I'll take that as a sign.  Today is an official doodle day . . . if time allows.  :)
. . . and I found the quote I was looking for.
"Even if you can't draw, do a little doodle or rip an illustration from a magazine - these visuals will help bring your idea to life." 
                                                                            ~ John Emmerling
Have a great day!

Doodles and Orange

I had hoped to post pictures of a Halloween Shabby Charlotte doll - but I have a few more things to do with her and I still have to write her little story . . . it just got to be too late last night and since I am trying to get enough sleep I chose to get to bed at a half way reasonable hour. (I hate that . . . but I do feel better). 
So today it is desktop doodles . . .
. . . and colorful stuff that caught my eye yesterday.
I was looking for quotes about doodles this morning . . . I didn't have much luck finding one, but I did find this . . .
"I love jotting down ideas for my blog, so I doodle or take notes on all kinds of stuff that inspires me: the people I meet, boutiques I visit, a florist that just gave me a great idea for an interior-design project, things like that."
                                                                                   ~ Maria Sharapova

Not quite the quote I was looking for, but Maria is one of my favorite tennis players . . . and I loved reading this about her.

"Orange is the happiest color." 
                                  ~ Frank Sinatra

Monday, September 23, 2013

I believe in miracles . . .

Back in June I posted about Aleena.
She was born prematurely between 25 and 26 weeks.  She was born in May and finally was able to come home not too long after her actual due date in early September.  She is doing great.  She weighed 1 lb. 15 oz. when she was born . . . she is now over 7 lbs.
I believe miracle happen around us every day - some we are not even aware of . . . every so often God allows us to witness one like baby Aleena.
"I am realistic – I expect miracles.”  
                        ~ Wayne W. Dyer

Sunday, September 22, 2013

all sorts of stuff . . .

Charlotte ready for a walk . . .
She hangs right in there with Grandma . . . I was able to get in three miles.  She jabbers and watches the world go by . . . we stop for water, smiles, and once in awhile to take a picture. 
Richard and I went out to play tennis a little later.  Saturday was a day made for tennis . . . or so we thought. 

Today I was determined to get something made . . . I bought these fat quarters to use for Shabby Charlotte dolls.  I am hoping to get a few Halloween dolls listed on Etsy this week.  I would have had at least one finished and listed . . . but I got sidetracked quite a bit today.
I worked on a doll . . .
  cross stitched . . .
crocheted . . .
worked on recycled bag that I want to use for my camera . . .

Took some pictures of the necklaces that Abbie is making.  She is just getting started and wants to try to sell them.  These chunky beads are so much fun.

Charlotte loves them!
It has been awhile since the table has been covered with projects . . . maybe Stella misses the crafty project mess as much as I do.   At first she tried to fit her whole body in this box, then settled on this position before she fell asleep among the beads.  I am not sure why I couldn't settle on just one project today . . . but I made some progress on all of them and had a good day . . . a very relaxing day.  Those seem to be happening a little more frequently these days. 
 Beatles Ballerina . . . love her!