Monday, September 30, 2013

Mission Santa Clara

I was wondering where to start with my pictures from this past weekend.  Since Halloween is approaching (my favorite holiday), I will go with the words of a witch . . . Glinda -  the good witch of the North  . . . "It is always best to start at the beginning."

Saint Clara

Our first stop of the weekend was University of Santa Clara - Mission Santa Clara.  Richard went to school here and always loves stopping.  We stopped at the bookstore and bought a couple of things (it was a weekend for t-shirts - that is for sure).  Then we walked around a bit . . . just long enough to snap a few pictures.
As we walked through campus you couldn't help but notice the change as we entered the grounds around the mission . . . the noise and energy of the campus faded into the background and you felt the peacefulness of the mission take over.  It is a beautiful place . . . and I love it more very time we stop.  The rose pictured above has to be the largest rose I have ever seen.
 I have only been to a few of the missions in California.  I think I may have to make an effort to visit them all.  Mission Santa Clara . . . named after Saint Clara of course is going to be special to me . . .
Just a short visit . . . a few photos . . . a crane dropped . . . a couple of new t-shirts, a coffee mug, and a new hat . . . and we were off. 


  1. That is a gorgeous rose. I like that you found peace among the palm trees. It looks so pretty there.

  2. It is a beautiful place . . . I really need to make an effort to visit more of the missions out here.