Monday, February 25, 2013

PINK Baseball Bracelet

I made another baseball bracelet - using an old pin that I picked up a few years ago on clearance. I love when I hold onto something for years - and then finally can use it for a fun project. I love these baseball bracelets - enough to make a few more I bet. I have been so busy - and have been bad about blogging . . . that happens. Taxes are almost done, work has settled down . . . things should get better. I have to go out into the garage and find some more old baseballs.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

52 Lists . . . and Saturday Seven (on Sunday again)

Here is this week's list from the 52 list challenge from Meet Me at Mikes
Better a little late than never . . . it has been one of those weeks again.
Some of my favorite flowers and a bonus list - Messy Things I Like . . .
And also the Saturday Seven from planettreasures
Amazing Buildings . . . I decided just to search amazing building and came up with these seven . . .
This building makes music when it rains - I would live to hear this.  I do wonder if people live in this building - that it may be hard to sleep when it is raining . . . or would you eventually just get used to the sound?
Casa Batllo - love how this one looks . . . would love to see this one
Cologne Cathedral in Germany
Hotel Inntel - Zaandam, Netherlands
Is a tower considered a building????  - Eiffel Tower . . . I think it is beautiful!
Flatiron Building - NYC  I love buildings like this - sitting on a corner
I am not sure of the name of this one - but I believe it is Ireland.
I am caught up on my lists for this past week.  I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend - although I have way to much to do in a very short time - and I look forward to next week's list.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine Charlotte

Finally getting pictures posted of Valentine Charlotte . . . this little doll was a present for my granddaughter.  I have been so busy I'm not getting the dolls made that I have in my head . . . and that frustrates me.  But it looks like things are turning around.  Plus I have five orders - so that will have to motivate me. : )

Her little key has an "S" on it for "Shabby Charlotte"
Valentine Charlotte is a happy little doll that makes everyone happy.  She loves to smile and is very proud of her sparkly red shoes.  She likes hearts - of course and her favorite color is red.  She believes in being kind and always tries to look for the best in people.  She believes that the world always looks brighter from behind a smile.
I picked Lily up yesterday from school . . . she was wearing her polka dots!!!!!!  That made my day!  I have a lot to do . . . a zombie doll to work on, more dolls to cut out,  lists to make and post, a book that wants to be read . . . thank goodness it is only 7:00.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

crochet a little bit . . .

These are so easy to make - and I love working with cotton yarn.  They are perfect for Charlotte's bath time . . . small, soft, and cute . . . exactly how I could describe her too.
Great three day weekend . . . I hated to see it end.  I did actually work on some dolls . . . will post some pictures of them soon.
Valentine's Day is behind us . . . but love is still in the air . . . don't you feel it?
"It's hard to defeat a woman in love."  ~Terri Guillemets

Saturday, February 16, 2013

baseball cuff

I finally got one of these baseball cuffs made.  I just used a simple latch jewelry hook in the back (I suppose I should have taken a picture of that too.)  I used just what I could find real quick today - but I want to make a few more and maybe bling them up a little bit.  When I cut the baseball apart - it cut the stitching so I took red floss and restitched the lacing . . . so this could be done in any color.  I used red because I wanted it to look like the classic baseball - but I think it would be cute to use other colors - and I have seen them with pearls around the edge, the leather dyed pink, and with lots of bling.  Easy and fun to make . . . and I have a whole bucket of baseballs in my garage. 
It has been such a crazy week . . . my time has been spent on other things than my dolls - tomorrow I play with dolls and get a couple of Shabby Charlottes done.

Saturday Seven - fabulous male actors

Saturday Seven at planettreasures
This weeks list of seven is Fabulous Male Actors . . .
Denzel Washington
In no particular order and for no one reason here are my choices for my favorite seven male actors.  If I had to have a number one - it would be Denzel.
Johnny Depp 
 I love watching him act.
Jim Carrey
  He's a little out there - but he makes me laugh and I think his comedy can be brilliant.
Robert Downey Jr. 
I think he is an excellent actor - although I do not like the movie Ironman.
Tom Hanks
I don't think I have ever seen him in anything - that I haven't enjoyed.  Excellent actor!
Norman Reedus
 . . . for no other reason that I am enjoying his character in "The Walking Dead"
Leonardo Di Caprio
I could have had a longer list . . . that would have included George Clooney, Robert de Niro, Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling . . . to name a few.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

52 Lists . . . Things I Do Everyday

I need to get this week's list posted . . . I have been so busy - so it is a little late.  I tend to be a creature of habit . . . so this list could be so long.  This is what I came up with.

Part of the 52 list challenge I joined @ Meet Me At Mikes
Silly Lily!  She is my "heart" for the day!  Love, Love, Love this girl!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love . . .

Today's hearts . . .
Before I do this again . . . I have to get a glue pen.  I just used a bottle of glue and my writing wasn't very even . . . the letters look much more glittering than they do in this picture.  Just a simple little thing . . . paper, glue, and glitter . . .
  . . . but I like how it looks with everything else.
"Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."   ~Louis de Bernières, Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Monday, February 11, 2013

Glitter in progress . . .

It has been a busy, fun weekend.  I didn't get this little project done - but I thought at least I should play with glitter a little bit before I go to bed . . . and I needed to post a heart for today. 
"When your heart speaks, take good notes."  
                                                              ~Judith Campbell

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend stuff

I found these wonderful printable paper strips at Allsorts
 I haven't sat and glued a paper chain together in years . . .
 . . . and these little paper strips were just too cute not to use.
I find projects like this very therapeutic and when I'm done . . .
. . . I have a cute, happy paper chain to dress things up a bit for Valentine's Day.
A birthday card journal that I glued together this morning.  I just took all the cards and envelopes that people gave me for my birthday and used scrapbook paper to make them into a journal.
I thought this envelope made a great cover.

I made one of these a couple of years ago.  This way I can enjoy the cards again when I use the journal.  I use it for good thoughts, quotes, doodling . . . Only happy stuff goes into this journal.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday's heart . . .

Today's heart . . . on a new hand written coffee mug from Jacob and Kasey.  It has been a busy day . . . I've been cutting, gluing, stuffing dolls, and cutting up t-shirts.  It has been an emotional day . . . don't know if I could even explain why if I wanted to (way too complicated).  It is going to end a relaxing day . . . I am going to get into my sweats, pour myself a cup of coffee, and finish watching season two of "The Walking Dead". 

Love is what you've been through with somebody.  ~ Unknown      

Saturday Seven . . .

Saturday Seven . . . Countries you would like to go to.
Short simple list this morning.  I have so many things I want to do this weekend and I have told myself that I will get away from the computer and get some of them done.  So here is my list . . . Countries I would like to visit. 
New Zealand

Friday, February 8, 2013

02/08/13 heart . . .

Just a quick little heart for the day. I am looking forward to a three day weekend . . . three whole days!  Hopefully some of the ideas in my head will become realities with the extra day.
"Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that."   ~Michael Leunig


This is what I came to work to this morning . . .
I just had to laugh at the skeleton holding my rubber band ball . . .
I saw this picture later . . . of the guilty parties preparing my desk yesterday after I went home.  This is my boss (an elementary school principal) laying on the floor . . . love working for him!
Let me just say . . . . no I am not! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

love from Iowa . . .

Today's heart is a guest heart from Iowa . . . my cousin Amy posted this on my Facebook timeline this morning.  She said it made her think of me . . . which, by the way -  made may day!!  The coffee shop she goes to covers the little hole of their lids with these great little stickers.  Why don't all coffee shops to this? . . . no coffee spilling out when your cup is full - and they are just fun!  Thanks Amy! 
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

52 Lists - Snacks . . . and today's heart

Some of my favorite snacks . . . it seems like this list should be longer - but this is what I came up with. ( I really miss eating kohlrabi.  I haven't had much luck growing it - and since my dad passed away - I don't get the benefits of his garden when I go home to visit.)  I may have to try planting in my garden again this year.  I probably should have put potstickers on my list more than once . . . can't seem to get enough of those when we make them. 
Not to late to join the 52 list challenge here . . . Meet Me At Mikes
Today's heart is on a tree in our back yard.  A few years ago a rather large branch broke off the tree,  leaving it looking like this.  We thought about taking this tree out - but every time I look at it - I am glad that we didn't.  I guess I can't look at a heart without feeling something positive . . . (sort of why I started posting pictures of the hearts that I see.)  A couple of year ago I was out for a walk - feeling sort of sorry for myself because of something that I was going through at the time and on the sidewalk there was a heart in the concrete . . . not carved or drawn in - it was done on the surface when the concrete was finished.  It was faint - you could barely see it.  In fact I had walked that way before and had never noticed it.  I tend to believe there are signs out there - if we just stop and take the time to notice.  I took that as a sign to stop feeling sorry for myself - and that no matter what happens or how tough things may seem at times - I will get through it . . .
 I've been reading through quotes this morning.  I couldn't decide which one of these I like the best - so you get them both.   
 “Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason.
Don't give up."  ~ Unknown
"There is always music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it". ~Minnie Aumonier

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Mine . . .

Last night was one of those nights when I had hopes of getting so many things done . . . and really didn't get anything done at all.  I don't mind being busy . . . I just want to be busy doing the things I want to do.  I guess it doesn't always work out that way.
We have had beautiful, sunny days lately - the kind where just feeling the warmth of the sun makes me feel happy and energized . . . but when I get energized and motivated, I get all these ideas for projects swirling around in my head -  then nights like last night happen and I get frustrated.  I am hoping tonight will be different. 
Richard and I took a short ride yesterday to pick up an old church pew that I bought from someone - who knew a person - who knew someone.  It was supposed to be $25.  When I got to the church that they were cleaning out - she told me it was only $10 - because they noticed a crack in the wood.  There is a crack - probably from the wood drying out - but nothing really that noticeable - and Richard can probably fix it.  I am so excited - just have to clean it up a litte and decide where I want to put it.  
Here's to a great day! 
“Women are made to be loved, not understood.” 
                                                               ~ Oscar Wilde

Monday, February 4, 2013

tiny little heart . . . on a Monday morning

When you are looking for hearts . . . I guess I will find them in the strangest places.  : )
It's Monday morning . . . feels like Monday morning.
"We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love."  
~Robert Fulghum, True Love

Sunday, February 3, 2013

love in a pizza parlor . . .

Heart of the day found in a local pizza parlor . . . we have been going to this place for years.  The owners children were babies when we first started eating here and now they are working there while in college.  This pizza was made by the owners daughter . . . and decorated with at little love for Valentine's Day.  I guess I have to add this to my Faces page also. 
"Let your heart guide you. 
It whispers, so listen carefully." 
~Littlefoot's mother, Land Before Time

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I finished this little red headed zombie and I have been so anxious to post pictures of her and get her listed in my shop - clarehelen
I don't know what it is about her . . . but she is one of my favorites. 

Eunice is a pretty little zombie.  She likes to travel – especially to big cities.  She loves to go shopping and would rather wander through department stores than chase after people.  Her favorite color is pink and she thinks she is just as pretty as a zombie as she was when she was human . . . find her a place to sit close to a mirror where she can see herself and she will be happy.