Friday, November 30, 2012

Aurelie & Mirabelle

I had posted a picture of this doll in an earlier post - but added this Eiffel Tower charm to bling her up a bit.  I named this one Aurelie (which means golden).
This one's name is Mirabelle (which means wonderful)
These two dolls were special ordered for two sisters.  Their mother has a special "M" charm that I still have to add on this one.  I wasn't too sure if I would like the blonde hair - I tend to like them a little darker looking, but the two little girls these were made for are golden and wonderful . . . it was fun making these two for them!

What's in the box?

I noticed this box sitting on the counter at work yesterday . . . of course I had to look inside and I found persimmons (I am pretty sure that persimmons were not the original contents of the box and personally I do not find them addictive, but the box got me thinking about what I would have in a box labeled "highly addictive". So a list of things I can't seem to do without or get enough of . . . things that I will buy whether I need them or not . . .
chap stick or lip balm
Dr. Pepper
pretty bras and matching underwear
nail polish
markers and pens
coffee mugs
pink christmas ornaments
I suppose I could add this little wonder to my list . . . I can't get enough of her.  The last couple of days have been quite wet and blustery, which gave her a chance to wear her new polka dot raincoat to school . . . love, love her raincoat!
So what would be in your box?  What can't you get enough of?

Simple Light Project . . .

 For as much stuff as I keep to use for projects, I usually am not one to keep bottles.  I could not see this red bottle just land in the recycle bin.  Richard has done this before for me with wine bottles . . . just drilled hole in the back.  (I believe he had to buy a special drill bit.)
I then pushed a string of 20 Christmas light through the hole . . . just like that - some red holiday magic glow.  (This is actually a rum bottle and says redrum on the side . . . which sort of gives me eerie visions of Jack Nicholson in The Shining . . . but I will just have to put that out of my head and think Christmas magic.)

Monday, November 26, 2012

A place to play!

Basically this is just a picture of all of my junk.  Jacob moved out leaving me an empty room . . . finally a place for me to craft and create.  He finished moving Wednesday - and with Thanksgiving on Thursday I didn't really get it as organized as I would have liked before I had to come back to work, but almost!  Richard has to hang a couple of shelves - and I will probably have to move things around a bit before I get it just the way I want it.
Again . . . just junk.  How did I accumulate all of this stuff?  Although, now that it is all in one place - and I can work on something without having to move it out of the way when we eat or have company,  I think I will get more things made.  That is what I am hoping.
Jake left his bed behind - so for now I have that in there, but it is perfect for when Lily spends the night.  I also found a little table to use for her crafting place.  I am thinking we will have a lot of fun in here making things. (I need to get some sort of curtain on that window . . . it looks sort of blah).
Since I spent most of my time getting everything organized . . . I didn't spend as much time on my dolls as I would have liked.  I did get some more little doll bodies coffee stained - so tonight it is time to turn them into fun little dolls . . . and everything I need is right where I can find it.  Plus I uncovered some things I can use that I forgot I had.)
So filling up this room - meant cleaning out a closet and moving things out of the garage.  I threw out and reorganized.  With my personality . . . this was a very good thing!!!!! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving morning . . . is all about the Thanksgiving Day Parade to me.  I remember watching the parade as a child every Thanksgiving.  I remember my mom getting up early to bake and cook.  I am pretty sure we did not eat breakfast in front of the television . . . but once breakfast was finished there I sat in awe of the balloons, the crowd, and the city.  I grew up in a small town in Iowa - so this was a glimpse at a world very different than mine.   Years later, I had a friend who had grown up in New York City . . . she had memories of her father taking her to the parade each year.  I can imagine how  amazed I would have thought that was when I was a child.
I suppose that when I was very young - I watched the parade in black and white.  I can't really remember when we first had a colored tv . . . but I am sure I was in even more in awe of the parade the first time I saw it in color.
I can remember deciding each year which balloon I liked the best and looking forward to seeing Santa Claus at the end of the parade . . . knowing then that Christmas was not far off.  I remember enjoying Thanksgiving . . . for Thanksgiving.  We were not bombarded with Christmas for weeks before - stores were not open on holidays . . .(if you found that you forgot to buy something, you called a neighbor or family member - you did not run to the grocery store . . . it was closed.)   
I remember as the parade rolled on family started to arrive . . . aunts, uncle, and cousins.  What fun we had during those holidays.  It must have been hectic and noisy - even though our house had plenty of room for everyone.  My mom, grandma, and aunts were in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes.  I remember my dads and uncles sitting around the tv - and after we finished eating everyone played cards, ate some more, and visited.  I remember being so excited to have all my cousins around and I remember my uncle Bill always falling asleep on the sofa. : )
I am thankful for my childhood in that small town in Iowa.  It was a wonderful place and time to grow up.  I still enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Parade . . . I am up early like my mother used to be baking and cooking.  We have to move our meal up a few hours . . . one of my sons works in retail and he has to go to work this evening.  I sometime wish we could go back to that way of life when the stores were closed on holidays and the world was a little simpler.  But there are plenty of things to be thankful for still . . . the main ones being the people I will share this holiday with - family and friends.  Here's to a wonderful day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

blue eyes and a monster grin . . .

I spent the afternoon working on some Shabby Charlotte dolls . . .
One of my co-workers wants a couple of them with blonde hair and blue eyes for her daughters.  So I started on one of those.  It is fun coming up with the different yarn combinations for hair. 
. . . standing on her head letting the paint dry on her feet.  : )
Then I thought I would take this body the body that I had painted green and see what I could do with that one.  A little shabby, green monster . . .
smiling just so . . .  I am thinking she needs something else, but haven't quite figured out what yet.

I have this whole week off from work . . . and lot's of ideas in my head.  It should be a busy, creative, fun filled week. Somewhere between crocheting and Shabby Charlotte dolls I have to bake pies and cook Thanksgiving dinner.  Jake will be moving out this week - which also leaves an empty room to get organized.  I had told myself that I would not stay up to all hours of the night and get off schedule during this week off from work . . . I just looked at the clock and I am not off to a very good start. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

face painting

I have a hard time telling Lily no when it comes to being silly.
So when she asked if she could paint my face . . .
She takes her face painting very serious!  We had a wonderful three day weekend - more work than play, but the kind of work that it feels good to get done.  I was able to get seven doll bodies ready - so tonight I get to have fun with them.  I have sold nine - maybe ten of them which I am excited about - only having trouble getting a few stocked up to put on Etsy.  That is my goal next week while I am off work. 

Friday, November 9, 2012


It seems like our cooler weather might be her to stay this time.  It was 86 on Wednesday (in November????).  I  believe the high today is supposed to be around 56.  I know that isn't really cold.  I grew up in Iowa, so I know what really cold is.  When I was young and the springtime temperatures in Iowa hit 56 - we put on our shorts and headed outside.  Today with a high of 56 - I pulled out jeans, a sweater, and a scarf.  Lily has her own little scarf that her aunt from Virginia sent her for her birthday.  I love how she is wearing it tied around her neck.
I pick Lily up from preschool each day . . . when I walked into the classroom yesterday - she had her scarf on and noticed that I also had one on.  She pointed to her scarf and gave me the biggest smile.  So often . . . this little girl makes my day!
I am so blessed to have her in my life!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

gypsy doll

I had intended for this doll to be a little different than she actually turned out . . . not sure if I like her, but this is how she turned out.  I guess I'm going to like some better than others.  Actually looking at these - I think she does look better than the pictures make her look.  : )
I do like the yarn combination that I used for her hair. 
I also really like her belt . . .
So I had six dolls made and was going to list them on Etsy this weekend.  The good news is that I have sold three, I am holding another one for someone, and I have an order for two more.  Which leaves me with only two to list on Etsy.  Time to make more Shabby Charlotte dolls. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lily's birthday gift

I got it in my head that I wanted to make Lily a tent for her birthday this year.  A place where she can go to be by herself, or to play, or to read . . . or to do what 4 year olds do best.  So Richard built me a simple frame.  Which by the way took him longer than I thought it would because he always does such a good job on projects that I ask him to make for me.  Although he pushed it a little close on this one - we actually finished it the morning of Lily's birthday party.
I also sewed up a bunch of pillows for her to use in her tent.  The good part about these pillows . . . I have had these pillow forms around for a few years and now I finally used them and they are out of my closet!   
So after eating, opening presents, and blowing out candles on the cake . . . out came Papa's screw gun and his littlest helper and we put the tent together.
I don't know if he could have gotten it together without her.  : )
Here she is with all her pillows and her new Hello Kitty sleeping bag.
We decided that she needed some lights in her tent . . .
. . . lady bug lights of course!  : )
And now she has her own little place to hang out.  Jennifer sent me a text around 10:00 that night, saying that Lily loved the tent and had spent most of the night in it. 
I love when I come up with an idea for a gift (especially when it is something that we have made) - and the person really likes it. Even better when that person is a very special four year old.

More Shabby Charlottes

  I enjoyed working on some of my dolls this past weekend and was able to get 3 more completed.  We also finished up a tent to give to Lily for her birthday - but I don't really have good photos of that yet - so will post about it later.
I pulled the hair back in a pony tail on this one - and actually took a sundress out of my closet and ripped it up to make her dress.
One of the things I enjoy the most when making a doll is picking out what lace, fabric and trim to use for each one . . .
 . . . and I am finally using all the little broken necklaces and charms that I have accumulated.   I guess I knew that one day there would be a use for them.
Had to make a red head!  I think she is one of my favorites.
This was one that I made last week . . . but found another little necklace in all of my junk that I thought she needed.
. . . and one more! 
I mentioned that I would really like to try selling these little dolls.  So I may set up a shop on Etsy this week.  I have never done anything like that - but think it would be fun to try.  I have a lot of ideas for more dolls and a few more to stuff and dress this week.