Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer . . .

Summer means fresh tomatoes from the garden . . . stacks of books to read . . . 
. . . and sunglasses.  
Life is just better when you are wearing sparkly sunglasses.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paint Night

Jennifer and I were sitting at my table one night . . . and she informed me that she had just signed us up for a paint night.  When she showed me the painting that we would be doing I understood why she decided we needed to go.  This is a busy time of year for me with the school year ending and getting ready for next year.  Also - once school is out we work four 10 hour days, which usually turn into 11 or 12 hour days for me . . . so by the time this night came around I was exhausted and the idea of going someplace at the end of a long work day seemed like more than I wanted to do . . . but how could I pass up painting?  Of course - I ended up having a great time and I am so glad that I went. 
This paint night was by no means instructional . . . in fact we had to hold our hands on our canvases and vow to not say things like,  "I messed up." . . . or "Mine is awful."
We were there to have fun and relax . . . and paint.  I love to paint - so of course I was going to have fun!  As much as I love skeletons . . . I am really not so sure what I am going to do with this painting, but I do have some ideas to turn it into something fun to hang up on Halloween.
A couple hours of painting . . . and a couple of Corona's with salt and lime . . . and the thoughts and any stress that I had from that 10 hour work day were gone. 
Now Jennifer wants to sign us up for another paint night.  

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Shabby Charlotte dolls for sale . . .

 . . . because everyone needs a little blonde voodoo doll!

Ghislaine is a very clever little voodoo doll
and made with hopefully enough magic that she brings a smile to your face. 
She is nearly always happy, somewhat sarcastic, and also very determined. 
When given a job to do . . . she doesn’t quit until it is finished.  Loyal to the end . . . Ghislaine will do whatever she has to do to help the people she cares about. 
 Keep this little doll around to 
remind you that life is too short to let anything or anyone bother you . . .
 I have posted photos of these dolls before - but never got them listed on ETSY shop.
I am trying to get back to doll making . . . so hopefully will have more new dolls listed soon. 
If you interested . . . take a look at my shop - clarehelen
I have fun making these crazy little dolls.
Finn is a high spirited little zombie who loves people way too much to ever think about hurting them.  She tends to get excited very easily and loves to try new things.  She loves sushi and hot coffee with whipped cream and red sprinkles.  She loves to dance . . . pick flowers . . . and simply wander around town seeing what kind of shenanigans she can get into.  Her favorite color is pink, but she loves dressing in red just because it puts her in a good mood. 
You can’t go wrong having this little zombie around . . . she is loyal to the end and loves to include her friends whenever she is out having a good time.