Sunday, June 4, 2017

Shabby Charlotte dolls for sale . . .

 . . . because everyone needs a little blonde voodoo doll!

Ghislaine is a very clever little voodoo doll
and made with hopefully enough magic that she brings a smile to your face. 
She is nearly always happy, somewhat sarcastic, and also very determined. 
When given a job to do . . . she doesn’t quit until it is finished.  Loyal to the end . . . Ghislaine will do whatever she has to do to help the people she cares about. 
 Keep this little doll around to 
remind you that life is too short to let anything or anyone bother you . . .
 I have posted photos of these dolls before - but never got them listed on ETSY shop.
I am trying to get back to doll making . . . so hopefully will have more new dolls listed soon. 
If you interested . . . take a look at my shop - clarehelen
I have fun making these crazy little dolls.
Finn is a high spirited little zombie who loves people way too much to ever think about hurting them.  She tends to get excited very easily and loves to try new things.  She loves sushi and hot coffee with whipped cream and red sprinkles.  She loves to dance . . . pick flowers . . . and simply wander around town seeing what kind of shenanigans she can get into.  Her favorite color is pink, but she loves dressing in red just because it puts her in a good mood. 
You can’t go wrong having this little zombie around . . . she is loyal to the end and loves to include her friends whenever she is out having a good time. 

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