My name is Clare.  I was given the nickname Planet over 30 years ago . . . it seems to have stuck.  I live in Central California. I am an administrative assistant at an elementary school by day . . . and a maker of things by night and whenever else time allows.  I grew up in a family of incredibly talented people.  I never remember a time when my grandmother's hands were not busy quilting, knitting, or crocheting.  The same with my mother, father, aunts, and uncles . . . creating handmade items was just a part of who they were.  I am grateful that this was part of my childhood.  Making things has always been very important part of whom I am and is also somewhat of a therapy for me.
I am a collector and gatherer of many things and I love the idea of re-using items when I create.  Much of my inspiration comes from the items I collect . . . scraps of fabric, old lace and ribbon, beads, charms, keys, or old garments . . . There is something special to me in re-using items that in the past may have been personal and treasured by someone else . . . I like to think it makes my dolls – maybe a bit enchanted.   

I decided to start making and selling my Shabby Charlotte dolls after my granddaughter Charlotte was born.  Another granddaughter  . . . and along came my Lil' Rose Monster dolls.  One of the reasons I first started blogging was to nurture the creativity in me that sometimes gets put aside because life gets busy.  I have so many ideas for dolls and other items . . . but, I tend to have more ideas than I have time – which is sometimes a frustration for me.  I am learning to let things go and make time for creating on a regular basis. 

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