Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mom's doll

This was my mom's doll when she was a little girl.  I have always thought it was so special - especially since mom has always liked dolls.  I am now wondering if there is a picture of her with the doll . . . I will have to ask her about that.  I also just thought that I am going to have to ask her if she remember is she had a name for the doll.  I believe my grandma made the doll clothes. 
For some reason I have always liked the shoes. 
I do not remember ever seeing this doll dress before - I am guessing it was also made for this doll.  The fabric is so fine and delicate that I don't even want to iron it. 
She didn't go in my suitcase . . . I put her in my carry on.  She is so fragile.  She actually in need of some repair.  Her head needs to be reattached . . . which probably looked a little weird when they ran my carry on through at the airport.  Right now I have her setting on the bed in my craft room . . . I actually just set her there to take these photos.  Richard saw here sitting there and asked me if I was really going to leave her out.  Everyone, myself included agree that she is more than a little spooky looking. (Even spookier when her head isn't attached).  So if we wake up in the morning and she has moved . . . well, then she may not stay.  LOL 
I think we have watched too many scary movies. 

Old and New . . .

Mom and I found these old notions in a box of stuff that she had.  There is something about old sewing notions that I like.  I am sure it has to do with growing up around women who were always sewing and creating.  I have been flooded with memories of that lately . . . and enjoying those memories along with the items that my mom gave me.
I especially like this little darning silk box. 

A new journal I found in Missouri.  It is actually sort of a travel journal and although we don't really travel that often - we do get away enough that I can fill it up with photos and memories.  We are planning a trip to the coast this weekend or next - so that will be a good time to start.
The pages are all so cute!
I also found these on clearance . . . I have been wanting to patch up an old pair of jeans and thought the peace sign would work great.  The charm I will use on a doll.  As for the skeleton - who the hell knows . . .
I have mentioned before that I have way to many hobbies and not enough time.  I find myself buying things like this - but it may be ages before I use it . . . either for scrapbooking or I thought I could use the little tennis balls for my Shabby Charlotte tennis doll - (which I should be working on instead of sitting at the computer). 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

more this and that . . .

I love being off work . . . spending days doing what I like to do.  I slept in, finished a book I was reading, and went through some more of the stuff I brought back from moms.  I folded a few paper cranes today so I could drop them while we were out.  I have made a little progress on my paper crane project . . . If you haven't seen what my project is about - take a look   Peace, Love, Cranes 
One crane left at the doctors office.  I got the results back from my CT scan today.  The tumor on my adrenal gland has not gotten any larger, but has changed some and I am having some symptoms that are a concern.  Nothing to really worry about - but I have to go through a few more tests - just to determine if they should remove it or not.  Just more time and tests . . .
Richard usually goes with me to the doctor . . . I think me having melanoma a couple of years ago sort of freaked him out . . . also a good reason to go to lunch after.  :)
Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard with a wrench in the library . . . love this t-shirt!  Love this man! 
I found this Day of the Dead fabric when I was visiting my mom.  I have seen it online, but never seemed to get it ordered.  I bought a couple of yards, I am not really sure what I will make with it . . . maybe a bag or a table runner.  I'll have to think about that.
Visiting my mom in Missouri instead of Iowa means tons of St. Louis Cardinal stuff to choose from.   Here is our newest little Redbird fan.  She was in such a cute mood tonight.  Her daddy may like the Padres . . . but she seems quite happy in her pink Cardinal onesie. 
Great Day!

this and that . . .



Monday, July 29, 2013

Gramma's Quilt

This sun bonnet baby quilt was made by my grandma.  According to my mom she made it when my mom was a baby, which would make the quilt over 80 years old.  As a little girl my grandma lived in the apartment upstairs in the house that we lived in.  I spent the night with her quite often and she would get this quilt out for me to sleep under.  I remember thinking it was so special when she brought it out. 
Some of the embroidery has worn out, there are a couple of stains, and it is patched on the back side - but for the most part it is still in pretty good shape considering how old it is.  When I think about it - the quilt was quite old when I slept under it.  I have not looked at this quilt in years . . . I forgot about all the beautiful detail in it.
Each little bonnet is embroidered differently.  I am sure the dresses are made out of scraps from other sewing projects. 

This is one of my favorites.  I like the colors in her dress and the little star on her bonnet.  I don't remember my grandma embroidering very often - she crocheted and knitted mostly.  She did teach me how to embroidery though.  She was always so patient when she taught me how to do things. 

I am not really sure what I will do with it.  I may have Richard make a quilt rack to display it or maybe tuck it away safely somewhere to bring out when my granddaughters spend the night with me.  I hope they will have all sort so wonderful memories like the ones I have a of my grandma.
This is another quilt she made.  I was older when she made this one.  It is a cathedral window design - and she was very quick to tell you that each window was a different fabric.  I love all the colors and I cherish the memories I have of Gramma.

dishes and dolls . . .

My mom has given me quite a few dishes over the past few years.  These are some that I brought home this time after visiting her. 
I have quite a few pieces of these.  I like white dishes - but these even more so because they remind me of her.
I'm usually not a huge fan of colored glass, but I do like certain colors - one of them being gold.  I believe this bottle used to sit on the window sill in my bedroom when I was quite young.  It will look great with my Halloween decorations . . .
This dish belonged to a wonderful neighbor we had when I was young - her name was Mabel.  I love having something that belonged to her . . . she was the sweetest lady and meant the world to my mom.  I remember having cookies at her house and being outside when she was hanging up her laundry.  I remember her always smiling.  Her husband's name was Joe and he always gave us silver dollars and fifty-cent pieces.

I have mentioned before that my mom would take old dolls and make new clothes for them.  I thought it would me nice to keep this for Charlotte when she is a little older.
I love the little details . . . not just the lace socks, but also the little beads that she sewed onto her slippers.
I think Mom said that Dad bought this doll for her.  I could be remembering that wrong.  I guess I will have to check with her.  She seems to be made out of an embroidered pillow case.  I like her scarf and pearl pin. 

Finally a little clothes pin Indian doll . . . just thought she was cute.  I am not really sure what I am going to do with all of this stuff, but love the memories and sentiment that goes along with old stuff.  More pictures coming . . . my suitcases were full. 

Beer and a deck of zombies . . .

When Richard and I go out for lunch or go have a beer somewhere . . . sometimes we take the cribbage board and play cards.  He surprised me with this deck of cards when I got home.  I had to just laugh when he gave them to me . . . Love them!

Each card says something different about zombies.  LOL

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mom's Cookbooks

I have started sorting through the things that my mom gave me.  Having her give me some of this stuff is sort of bittersweet . . . like her cookbooks.  She had so many, but I just picked out a few that I really wanted, but that means she will not be baking and cooking like she used to . . . and I will miss that.  This 1949 cookbook belonged to my Gramma.  I am wondering if there is a recipe for her dumplings in there . . . and liver and onions come to mind.  I can't say I liked it when she cooked that.  :)
This white Tasty Treats cookbook was the one I remember my mom using the most . . . from the time I was young until recently.  I know there are some great cookie recipes in that one.  Unfortunately, my oven is broken at the moment - so even though I am off work and have time to bake this week . . . Richard does not have time to fix the oven, so the cookies will have to wait a little while.
Mom always stuck cards in her cookbooks.  If she was baking and received a card in the mail - she would stick the card in the page she was using.  Her recipe books are full of cards from family and friends.  I noticed this page has a recipe for Rhubarb Pie - my favorite.  I made this pie two years ago when I was back in Iowa.  I usually missed rhubarb season - but my Aunt Marvel always had some that she had frozen.  I have looked into growing rhubarb out here.  It is possible, but you have to start it from seed and it does not come back every year like it does at home.  I would love a piece of rhubarb pie right now.
This was my mom's first cookbook.  It is actually in a binder and she cut out and glued magazine photos on the pages.  She was always doing things like that.  I am hoping to find some good recipes in this book to try.

She also gave me these mini cookie/canapé cutters . . .
This set is so small.  The little round tin measures no more than a couple of inches.  How fun it would be do decorate some pastries with these.  I am going to have to make some time to bake this winter.