Saturday, September 21, 2013

snapshots from this week . . .

I've been walking and running at lunch . . . I manage to get about 3 miles in each day - even taking time to stop and take pictures.  I have always tried to notice things around me and there is so much to see and enjoy . . . 

I am not really into what kind of car I have at all . . . just never has been a big thing with me.  This old truck I like . . . I think it would be great restored.  It has been in this neighborhood for years and I have always liked it for some reason . . . not really sure why.  It has been ages since I walked down this street and I had to smile today when I saw that it was still there. 


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  1. I just love blue flowers and morning glories have to be among the bluest. Red Robin - YUM! Haven't been there in a while and now I want an egg on it!