Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just Stuff . . .

I moved the cranes that I have strung . . . had to take a picture because I like how they look all together with the beads.  I cannot get enough of these origami birds . . .
Sometimes things just catch my eye . . . this morning it was my coffee cup next to the pompoms that I made.  Cherish the journey . . . . good advice.
Jake may be right when he calls me a horder.  :)  I keep paper bags, pieces of tissue paper, old books . . .
 . . . more paper bags, cards, tags, pictures and words that I cut out of magazines . . . anything I might use in a journal, but when I clean and organize like I did this weekend and realize the amount of stuff I have in my craft room . . . maybe Jake is right. :)  In my defense . . . it is usually very organized and how can I not keep a bag that says "Life is a Special Occasion" or "Your Planet" (I may have to make Richard a card out of that one.)  I can make a real mess when I am working on something, but for now it is back in order . . . which motivates me to get creative . . . and make a new mess I suppose. 
We bought this apothecary cabinet a few years ago and it holds all of my rubber stamps, paper, stickers, bags, and whatever other scraps that I keep for one reason or another.  Looking at this - it would make a good place for a Day of the Dead alter.  :)
The top two drawers are divided - so it is perfect for holding rubber stamps (which I don't use that much anymore . . . but keep them anyway.)  The size of the drawers are also perfect for storing the large scrapbook paper and bags.  I know I am not the only one who keeps things that other people would just toss out without giving them a second thought.  What do you keep?  Have a wonderful and creative day!
"When you marry a creative person, know that some days you will come home to a spotless house and some days dinner will be forgotten, the kids will be in pjs, and it will look like you were robbed.  Find a way to appreciate both, because the second will happen much more often than the first."


  1. I love your strung cranes. What a beautiful way to display them. And that quote says it all. I should have that framed.

    1. I read it every so often and just smile . . . I can sure make a mess.