Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Friday . . .

 Amy . . . this one is for you. 
You and Gramma at the San Diego Zoo. 
San Diego Fleet Tournament
I am not sure exactly what year . . . early 80's
You have to love a man in baseball pants . . . especially one that can hit!
1986 . . .
This is so funny.  When I emailed it to Richard the other day - he called me laughing and saying something about how young we were and asking me why I was drinking beer out of a tennis ball can?   I also sent it to Roger . . . he just had to laugh at the mustaches.   
Petty Officer Smith . . . I was a pushover for a Navy uniform.  I prefer the dress uniforms and cracker jacks, but I like the dungarees too.
"Good on ya Eagle"
We had a lot of fun during those years and met some great people . . . and yes, we were really young . . . I may have to drink a beer out of a tennis ball can for old times sake.
Happy Friday!


  1. As Table 7 says - "Nice Driveway". (Nostrovia - cheers!)

  2. This made me cry :( I remember this trip. I still miss Grandma!!! Thank you for sharing. Love you!!!