Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life is a Special Occasion!

I make attempts at an art journal . . . but I stink at it . . . on the other hand, it is something I really enjoy doing.  I keep a private journal, a prayer journal . . . and occasionally I get in the mood to do something more fun . . . like after finding all my bits and pieces of this and that this weekend.  So I give it a try.  I can't say I'm ever really happy with my pages . . . but I love color and scraps of paper, and quotes and glue and paint and the whole idea of a creative journal . . . so I put them all together and I get what I get.  When I look back over the couple of journals I have made . . . over all I like them and since it is something I enjoy - I will continue to work on them . . . and every so often I will get brave enough to post a page.  I should probably work on them more . . . that usually helps and maybe look for an online art journal class. 


  1. We are our own worst critics. This is beautiful. And such a great way to keep those bits and pieces all together in the same place. Keep it up.