Sunday, June 21, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I have been so busy - at work and at home. The end of the school year is always like this - and then with working summer school - It just takes a lot of time to get it all done. I have gotten so much done in the last two weeks - but I have been working 10 - 12 hours a day and sleeping on average 4 hours each night. I should be exhausted - but I seem to keep going. I think finally things are starting to get back to normal. While I have been working away - our garden has been growing. I am still waiting for the fence to hide the garbage cans - but Richard is just as busy as I am. It will happen eventually. Our plants have really taken off. We are learning as we go - and will have to do some things differently next year.
Like plant zucchini somewhere else. It's a monster!
We have peppers nearly ready to pick.
And I swear if you sat and actually watched the tomatoes - you could see them grow.
I can't wait to taste them. We ate our first zucchini the other night.

Ladybugs all dressed in red
Strolling through the flowerbed.
If I were tiny just like you
I'd creep among the flowers too!
Maria Fleming