Friday, December 19, 2014

Shabby Charlotte Doll . . . Gigi

I haven't made many dolls lately . . . this one was a special order for one of my coworkers.  She is giving it to her daughter for Christmas.  I miss making these Shabby little dolls . . . I need to use some of my Winter Break to get some more made.

Gigi is a feisty little doll with a big heart.  She likes candy and the color pink . . . although she also likes Dodger Blue.  She loves to be creative and make things.  She carries a little pad and pencil in her bag just in case she gets in the mood to draw . . . and does she ever like to tell stories.  She also has a little bell in her bag . . . just a little jingle to make her smile.   Gigi likes gymnastics and karate and is especially proud of the yellow belt she had earned.   Gigi can be a little quiet, but watch out if she sees someone treating someone else badly . . . that is when that big heart goes to work and she will stand up for anyone being picked on. 
This little doll wears a special necklace . . . it is to remind her how much she is loved by her family.  She may be little . . . But they love her in a big way! 

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