Thursday, March 26, 2015

March photo challenge 3/25 . . . Healthy

I thought for awhile about what to take a photo of for this prompt.  I do all kinds of things that are healthy for me.  I walk and run, I play tennis, I try to eat right, I meditate and journal, I drink plenty of water . . . take my vitamins and necessary meds.  I spend time with the people I love and "try" to get enough sleep.  I pray . . . I think I try to take care of mind, body, and spirit.  I looked down at my arm yesterday and noticed my melanoma bracelet . . . and decided on that for a photo.  
It has been a little over three years since I was diagnosed with melanoma.  It came at sort of a stressful time of my life - but life is like that.  
I was just at my oncologist's office this week for a check up - which always makes me feel lucky and because I have to have a scan next week - also a little apprehensive.  It's nothing to worry about - more being over cautious than anything . . . but I always think a little more about it until I get the results back.  I also believe life is way to short to be anything but happy . . . so I choose to do that everyday.  It works!
"Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship."
                                             ~  Buddah

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  1. I applaud your sunny outlook on life. Good luck with the scan.