Thursday, September 15, 2016

good things this week . . .

I have never used the coffee mug in this picture.  I few years ago I was going through a tough time and had talked to my boss about it.  The next day he brought me this coffee mug . . . it has been on my desk ever since.  I handled "plan B" as well as I could at the time . . . that plan has since been abandoned and I am probably somewhere around "plan H".  I leave this mug on my desk to remind me . . . that life isn't going to always go as planned . . . in fact there have been days when I wonder who's life I am living, because it isn't always the one I expected, but then I look at the people I love, remember where I came from, think about what is really important . . . and I realize I handled "plan B" well enough that the important part turned out like I planned . . . the rest of it really isn't worth my time and energy . . . probably never was.

1.  Charlotte turning 4 . . . that is something to celebrate
2.  Early morning weather that reminds me Fall is not far off
3.  This new "Do Doodle" pad . . . (was this made for me or what!)
4.  walking . . . walking . . . walking
5.  Do, Do, Doodling . . .
6.  Getting some dolls cut out . . . finally
7.  Lots of reading
8.  Eating healthy
9.  New Halloween decorations
10.  And a unicorn on my desk . . .
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That mug is cool - both the design and what it says. I think many of us are a lot further down the alphabet than B or even C!! Is picture #2 the unicorn? I was thinking of it as a little dragon but I guess it does have one horn - and it's just adorable. I have finally got hold of the two books I hadn't read from Madeleine l'Engle's Wrinkle in Time book sequence, and the one I've just finished reading featured unicorns. They're not even in the library here, boo. Not one single one of her books.