Thursday, October 27, 2016

close your eyes and make a wish . . . .

I am constantly amazed by this little girl . . . and fall in love with everything about her every day!
We were playing when all of a sudden she stopped and closed her eyes.  I asked what she was doing . . . and she told me that she was making a wish.  
She would not tell me what the wish was . . . If she only knew how many wishes I make for her.

Sometimes your wishes come true . . . just wait!


  1. <3. But you aren't meant to tell your wishes or they don't come true, so she's quite right!

    We were visiting friends recently, over from where they live and staying with the girls' granny. The littlest one stayed out for ages patting the hens after they'd gone to bed, and she thought one had got out so I went out to check with her. She told me that she really, really wanted to wish that she would get a pet for her birthday but she knew she wouldn't. I felt so sad for her!! I know they can't, because of their landlord, so I tried to hold out the hope that some time they would live in another house and perhaps then her wish would come true.

    1. That makes me sad also . . . let's hope that changes some day!