Monday, March 20, 2017

It all starts with one little bead . . .

 Jake and Kasey wanted a dream catcher to hang in Avery's nursery.  (No Avery yet, but very soon.)
I don't  think I would have ever made a dream catcher otherwise . . . and I'm not sure if I will ever make another one . . . although I do have some ideas.  
 All the beads on the table inspired Lily to make a necklace.  She spent the night this weekend . . . so we painted . . . and beaded . . . and read . . . and stayed up late eating popcorn and drinking root beer.
Fun Night!

I've been folding these cranes from old book pages . . . hoping to get enough to fill up a tree this coming Christmas.  I have over 200 so far . . . I think I will have enough by December.  


  1. What a great project for the baby's room. I love looking at the beads and all their wonderful color. I can understand why she wanted to play along and make her own necklace. Those origami ornaments are beautiful. I am looking forward to that tree.

  2. That dreamcatcher is a work of art - I hope you do make more! Beads, like buttons, are one of those fascinating things - I spent a while just looking at those bowls of mixed beads. Love the way you are using them to decorate the cranes; reminds me of the little tiny crane earrings I bought before Christmas - which are actually so dangly that they're hard to wear...