Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Take me out to the ball game . . .

NLCS - Game 3 . . . 
 . . . and what a great time we had in San Francisco.  Richard and I would have liked the Cardinals to win, but just being at the game was great!  Being at a baseball game beats being at work any day.  Of course the Giants fans were happy - but it isn't over yet.  Let's go Redbirds!
I really didn't take very many pictures yesterday . . . I find myself wishing I had taken more - but then sometimes it is better to be too busy having fun.
"The most beautiful thing in the world is a ballpark filled with people."  ~ Bill Veeck


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Glad that you were both great sports, Clare. The Cardinals always play their best, and I would've loved to hear them win as well, but alas, the Giants seem to have brought their A game. Maybe next time we'll get them, perhaps. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for sharing that! All the best to both you and Richard! :)

    Jennine Stalder @ Uniforms Express

    1. Looking forward to going to a Cardinal - Giants game this next season.