Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shabby Charlotte Doll - Seraphina

I have been putting off finishing this doll . . . although I sort of knew what I wanted to do with her - I just couldn't get motivated to finish her for some reason.  So I made myself get her out today . . . and she is finished.  I like how she turned out.  Especially her little skeleton t-shirt and her little tube of lipstick. 
Her name means "fiery ones" . . . I liked the sound of that.

Seraphina is a unique little doll with a personality that everyone loves.  There is just something a little magical about her.  Sometimes her head is in the clouds and full of daydreams . . . and other times she is sensible and on the go.  She is good to everyone she meets and loves to make new friends.  Once you are her friend she will be there for you always. 
She likes red lipstick, fun shoes, trips to Starbucks and shopping for vintage clothing.  Her little bag is full of things that she likes . . . and things she keeps to remind her of the people she loves. 

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