Sunday, January 25, 2015

words about me . . .

I loved this post from ihanna and decided to post my own list of words that define me.  I like words, I like lists, and I love doing things like this . . . so here is my list - (in no particular order)

I am . . . 
faith, paper cranes, kind, brown eyes, caring, pens, curious, coffee, wife, forgiving, skeletons, quotes, reader, the walking dead, mother, green, creative, doodler, tennis, zombies, lip balm, Halloween, hearts, antique stores, glitter, blogger, grandmother, books, beer, peace signs, journals, friend, rainy days, coffee mugs, sunflowers, passionate, baseball, prayer, dolls, lists, happy, sushi, snail mail, fun paper, movies, weird, daughter, Starbucks, cemeteries, embroidery, pink, day of the dead, earrings, Autumn, silly, iPhone, flip flops, photographer, sister, vintage lace, crossword puzzles, vintage boxes, strong, sriracha sauce, buttons, talker, road trips, funny, maxi skirts, champagne, survivor, picnics, book stores, tall, graphic tees, detailed, angels, Adidas, lists, music, fabric, scones, scarves, family, books, love, bike rides, cribbage, farmers market, sunshine, yarn, hats, chalk, charms, perfume, jewelry, Summer, crafts, daily scriptures, books, beach, samplers, confident, walking/running, organized, sarcastic, color, bonfires, staying up late, freckles, Sharpies, convoluted . . . just me.

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