Monday, April 20, 2015

sunflowers and hearts . . .

Charlotte and I planted sunflowers seeds yesterday.  How she loves to work in the yard and garden.  Her little fingers poked holes and dropped in seeds . . . then she had to water them of course.  I think I had as much fun as she did.   Her pink fingernails look like they could use some new nail polish after all of our yard work . . . we may have to do that tonight.  
We also cleaned out our garden shed this weekend.  I am not sure how it gets so full of things we don't need - or in such a state of disarray, but it is now in pretty good shape . . . except the outside needs painting.  That will have to be a job for this summer.  I forgot that Richard had put this in the concrete when we built the shed  - that has to have been about 10 years ago.  It made me smile.
Sunflowers and hearts . . . add in some beautiful weather, throwing out all kinds of stuff,  Jennifer and Lily coming over to eat, and watching Goonies outside on the big screen . . . that all adds up to a good weekend!

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