Tuesday, April 12, 2016

good things . . .

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace.
Making the complicated simple,
 awesomely simple, that's creativity."
~ Charles Mingus

 This has to be the best theme for a book fair ever . . . as least as far as I am concerned.  
I think I need to dress like a hippy and help out the librarian for a few days! 

I seem to be feeling extremely motivated and creative - with a whole head full of ideas . . . and not able to settle on anything. I have dolls started that I am excited about, I'm reading and writing and jotting down notes, I am playing with paint and messing with journal pages . . . but not settling in and completing anything.  Other times I don't know where to start.  I seem to be inspired by everything I see and everywhere I look colors just make my day.  Now all of this feels like a good thing, yet it is also leaving me feeling a little frustrated.
Work is busy and I like getting so much done there . . . yet, I would like to just walk out the door and keep walking.  When I say "keep walking" . . . I mean just walk until it is time to eat and sleep - and then get up and walk some more.  I am in the mood to wander . . . 
. . . maybe I need to wander!  
Maybe I need to just not think so much! 
Maybe I just need to . . . . ???

1.  Making cupcakes with Charlotte
2.  Having Mattea spend the weekend
3.  Flowers everywhere!
4.  Rain . . . and warmer weather
5.  My tomato plants have doubled in size.
6.  Watching baseball
7.  Reading
8.  Walking
9.  Drinking wine and "talking wedding" with Jennifer
10.  The color green!

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