Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shabby Charlotte voodoo doll . . . Ghislaine

So I seem to be a little bit back on track - feeling more settled and getting some things finished . . . like this little doll.  I am not sure that I like her name . . . I may change that, but there is always something about each doll that I make -  that I like and seems to be the detail that makes me like that particular doll.  With this one it is the little pearl necklace . . . 

Ghislaine is a very clever little voodoo doll
and made with hopefully enough magic that she brings a smile to your face. 
She is nearly always happy, somewhat sarcastic, and also very determined. 
When given a job to do . . . she doesn’t quit until it is finished. 
 Loyal to the end . . . Ghislaine will do whatever she has to do to help the people she cares about. 
Keep this little doll around as a reminder
that life is too short to let anything or anyone bother you . . .

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