Sunday, December 11, 2016

Charlotte's Ornaments

The light in a child's eyes is all it takes
to make Christmas a magical time of year.

Grandpa came home with some Christmas ornaments for Charlotte to paint. 
 She takes her painting very seriously . . . (that is until she starts mixing colors.)
 Then it is all about the mixing rather than the painting.  But she did get the ornaments painted and insisted that they stay on the tree at our house.  
I recently split up the ornaments that we had on the tree when my kids were growing up . . . giving each of the boys the ornaments that were theirs and that I though they would like.   so I guess it is time to start a new collection.  
She makes me smile!


  1. They are the best kind of ornaments aren't they! I put ours away last year the same way intending to give my kids theirs, then my husband said to put them on the tree. I'm thinking I might have them find them on the tree when they're here and give them to them then.