Wednesday, December 14, 2016

skeleton & elf . . . 12/14/16

Yes . . . my little elf is actually getting wet - because it isn't my little elf.  The little Christmas Elf that belonged to my mom means a lot to me.  And I was worried with all of my skeleton and elf Shenanigans that he was getting a little worn . . . or that something might happen to him.  So I found one just like him on ETSY.  I will still be careful with this one . . . but my original little elf now sits safely on a shelf watching the "stunt double" put up with the skeleton.   

So this new little knee hugging elf traveled from Florida to our house in California.  His hair is a little more red, he is a little thinner than the elf I had . . . but he makes a perfect stand in.  
I love these little guys! 
I found a couple other vintage elves on ETSY that are making there way across country this week.  I think I may have a new collection starting.  I believe these were made in the 50's and 60's . . . and were tree ornaments.  I have to ask my mom if she remembers what she paid for this little guy 50 years ago . . . much less than I am paying now I'm sure.  

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  1. Your elf shenanigans sure do make me smile! I imagine you're going to have quite a crew. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment.