Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm still here . . .

 It has been a crazy couple of weeks . . . and I just haven't made time to post and be online much at all.  I also haven't taken many pictures.  I hope to change that.  
So much going on . . . much that I won't touch on here, except for a few pictures I did take.
We had Kasey's baby shower.  It was one of those occasions that I chose to enjoy rather than take pictures.  Only a few more weeks til we get to see our new granddaughter in person.  
 This little guy turned 5!  He is such a sweet little guy!
This was taken on his actual birthday.  He had a wonderful party with a lot of kids and chaos!
Just what you would expect at a 5 year old birthday party!
This was my great find at a thrift store this afternoon.  Thirty-three stamps . . . for $12.
I don't do a lot of stamping, but I could not walk past these for that price.  There are a few Halloween stamps and somewhere in there is a peace sign stamp.  I figure the ones I don't really like I can let the kids mess with.  


  1. How exciting the date is so near to meet the new little one. Something so wonderful to look forward to. What a great find at the thrift store! Looks like an eclectic assortment with lots of possibilities!

  2. Yes, sometimes we just have our mental pictures and memories - nor shareable but still sweet.
    Great find with the stamps - the Halloween one in the centre front is so very you. I have and love the Snoopy birthday one.