Monday, February 20, 2017

origami therapy . . . .

The past few weeks have really put to test my word for the year . . . FAITH.
. . . and we are not through it by no means, but we will get through it.  

 One of the reasons I enjoy folding paper cranes . . . is that it is very calming for me.  I have folded so many that I can do it with little thought to what I am doing. (I am pretty sure I have folded well over 2000 paper cranes)
 . . . I call it my origami therapy - just what I need sometimes.
This weekend I started folding paper cranes out of paper from an old book.  I hope to fold enough to cover a Christmas tree this year.  I have to get started now if I am going to have enough folded by December.  

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always
1 Chronicles 16:11


  1. There is something calming about repetitive work - keeping your hands busy becomes almost meditative giving you time to think and pray. That tree will be a great project to focus on for the future.

  2. I'm sorry your faith is being tested right now - but creative therapy surely helps! A book-crane covered tree will look fabulous.