Monday, May 29, 2017

finally finished . . .

 I started these blankets ages ago . . . and finally got them finished.  I would work on them for awhile - then get doing something else . . . then get them out again and work on them for while.  I guess some projects are like that.  I think it took my daughter-in-law bringing her t-shirts over to finally get me moving to finish all three of them.  I think Jake has all of his baseball t-shirts somewhere also . . . so I may have to make another one.  :)  
It feels good to have them finished!  
 It dawned on me while I was making Kasey's quilt . . . that I probably watched her cheer all those years ago - when Jake's team played against her high school.  
 Some of these t-shirts are sort of old . . . especially on Luke's blanket. 
I think some of those he wore in Jr. High.
Such a simple way to re-purpose old t-shirts.   

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  1. Those t-shirt blankets are cool - I've never seen anything like that before. A great memory-trip, I am sure!!