Friday, May 15, 2015

Before Pinterest . . .

I guess Pinterest was made for people like me . . . who before the Internet and the idea of virtual boards and pins . . . put all of my ideas in a notebook.  Before throwing away a magazine I would cut out the pictures and patterns that I liked and glue them into a notebook.  I still do this a little bit . . . even though Pinterest makes this much easier to do online . . . I still like my Idea Notebooks.  Nothing fancy . . . just a glue stick, a composition book, and pictures of things I like or want to try making.  I have a separate Idea Notebook just for Halloween ideas. 

I had a few pictures that I wanted to glue into a book today - and someone else had to get in on the cutting and gluing.  Everything is more fun with Charlotte helping . . . and more messy.

1 comment:

  1. I used to do 3-ring binders with page protectors, then I started carrying an inexpensive journal I could glue things into and write in also. I still do that a little, but I'm so glad for Pinterest to keep everything organized for me now.