Monday, May 18, 2015

I love weekends!

There were paper cranes . . . and markers . . . little girls laughing and dancing.
I stayed up too late, slept in, and drank too much coffee . . . 
It was a very nice, very relaxing weekend.

 We have had an old wooden Moosehead crate for years.  I think I have kept it all this time only because it reminds me of a very dear friend and all the fun we had when we were young.  I have been cleaning out and getting rid of stuff for the last few weeks . . . and had decided to get rid of it.  This mood to clean out has really taken hold of me - and even the sentimental me is able to part with things that I have kept for years.   Richard surprised me yesterday by using the wood to make me a cute little wood box.  I put all of the little boxes he makes me to good use . . . and this one I can be a little more sentimental about than usual.
 I forgot to post a picture of the coffee mug that Jennifer and Lily made me for Mother's Day.
That is Lily's hand print in purple . . . with her other hand print on the other side . . . and her precious kindergarten writing.
I crocheted this beanie for Charlotte on Saturday.  I haven't crocheted anything in quite sometime and forgot how therapeutic it is for me.  Anytime I crochet something I think about my Grandma.  I find myself looking through my crochet hooks until I find an old one that belonged to her.  I couldn't help but think the other day when I was making this beanie - that she may have made something for me using the same crochet hook.  
My weekend was very relaxing.  There is a lot to be said for spending time at home with the people you love.  

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  1. Love your hand decorated papers. They made lovely cranes. And the beanie is almost as adorable as the little one wearing it. Sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed.