Friday, May 8, 2015

tall and taller . . .

 I asked Luke to stand next to my sunflower . . . to show how big it has gotten.  (Luke is 6' 4")
He did it a little unwilling at first, but being Luke he went along with it and had me laughing by the time we were finished . . . 
. . . mostly with this pose and the comment - "Here, let me do a Dad pose."
You can see the first flower blooming on top.  It looks like we may get quite a few of them - at least I am hoping we do.  I love sunflowers!  Again the snails have destroyed a few of my small plants coming up . . . but I am hoping for a few giant sunflowers this year too.  
Yesterday gave us thunder, lightening, hail, and some much needed rain.
My garden loved it . . . so did Luke.

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