Saturday, August 15, 2015

Countdown . . .

"Don't count the days.  
Make the days count."
It is actually 76 days until Halloween, but the way the blocks are numbered it doesn't give me a combination to make 76 . . .  I guess I won't be able to do 67 either. 
 Maybe I am counting just way to far ahead . . . no, never to early to look forward to Halloween.
These are just plastic blocks with stickers on them.  I think I will have Richard cut me out some wood blocks and I will paint my own numbers on them.  I rearranged by desk at work a little bit yesterday . . . I think this little skeleton calendar will find a place there. 

Halloween . . . 76 days
Thanksgiving . . . 102 days
Christmas . . . 131 days
First day of School . . . 8 days
The Walking Dead, Season 6 . . . 56 days

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea. Once again you've given me food for thought. I would add a countdown to the end of school. We usually start that after spring break but I think it might make some people happy to start from the start. I'll have to get my husband busy next week. Good luck with the start of school!