Sunday, August 9, 2015

Old doodles and a bag . . .

 I went into work for a little while today.  These are June doodles that I left behind a few weeks ago.  I completely left work behind me this summer.  Usually I go in and work a little bit from home, but not this summer.  It felt great!  These doodles made me smile and made me realize that going back to work really won't be so bad.  The beginning of the school year is always crazy busy, but I love crazy busy!  In fact, I think I may just be a little too relaxed.  (If that is possible.)    
I tie dyed this canvas bag that we got at Farmer's Market back when we tie dyed t-shirts.  I used Aleena's Fabric Glue to glue on the Minnie Mouse and rickrack.  I'm not extremely thrilled with it, but I thought it would be great for groceries . . . unless Charlotte (who is a huge Micky and Minnie fan) decides that she need to play with it.  

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