Sunday, August 23, 2015


 I've been back to work for a couple of weeks, but tomorrow is actually the first day of school.  
 It has been a busy couple of weeks . . . so a fun weekend was in order.  Homemade salsa . . . time with Charlotte . . . a baseball game . . . a Totoro puzzle . . . watching The Wizard of OZ (more than one time).  Charlotte is very much into playing dress up these days.  She told me that she needs a Dorothy dress and a scarecrow outfit . . . and the tin man, and the witch.  I will be making a trip to the fabric store this week.  I think I will start with Dorothy . . . 
Fun is easy when you are with the people you love.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.
I love the first day of school!


  1. Oh the joy in those little raised hands. Great picture of you and your husband. Hope the day went well and you have a great year!

  2. Hi Clare,
    I popped over from Val's swapper spot. Welcome to the zombie swap! We are neighbors, well if a four hours car ride is considered neighbors. I'm in a little town called Lompoc (it's an hour north of Santa Barbara).
    Your dolls are adorable.
    Chris =]

    1. Thank you. I have never participated in a swap . . . I thought the zombie doll was a perfect one for me to start with. Four hours - in this big world that is close enough to be neighbors. I guess the closest I have been to there is Santa Barbara.
      Have a wonderful day.