Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Happy Mail . . .

Last week I was expecting a package from the zombie doll swap that I had joined.  I was so excited when it arrived with  Woodstock Wendy and all her goodies . . . but yesterday I was not expecting anything and what a surprise when our mailbox had not one, but two packages waiting for me.
 I recognized that familiar blue flying pig tape.  That box was from Lorraine - Paper Vernissage  
 Filled with fun little paper pockets . . . which may just be cut and folded into paper cranes.  
 Lorraine makes the most beautiful cards.  This skeleton is cut out of paper and the coloring underneath is wonderful.  She said she was experimenting with some powdered watercolors.  The experiment was a success!
I love it . . . 
. . . and everything else! 
Stickers . . . ribbons . . . a lovely lavender sachet . . . . munchies . . . a book mark . . . 
I will probably wear that day of the dead bracelet throughout the whole year!
Thank you Lorraine! 
 . . . and then another box.  This one was from my zombie doll partner Val - Yarnigras.  I could not have been more surprised.  She said she had forgotten the Halloween goodies in my first package.  Oh how I love Halloween goodies.  This little Frankenstein pin cushion will find a spot on my sewing desk (too cute just for Halloween)
  . . . a cute owl timer
. . . a beautiful handmade scarf.  The colors are perfect for this time of year!
. . . and look at this Day of the Dead apron! 
 I was just looking at all the wonderful Day of the Dead fabrics in the store this week.  I have always been interested and liked the tradition of Day of the Dead . . .
 but I also think for me . . . it is all the colors. My three year old granddaughter looked and it and told me, "That's really cool." . . . and it is!
Thank you so much ladies!!!! 
You not only surprised me . . . your thoughtfulness touched my heart!

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  1. You are very welcome! Enjoy! And that apron really is cool!