Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Woodstock Wendy"

We stopped at our mailbox on the way home last night . . . Richard got out to get the mail and turned around with a smile on his face and a key in his hand.  The key meant there was a package in the larger mailbox.  The package could only be one thing . . . . ZOMBIE SWAP! . . . and my zombie doll had arrived!
 What a fun creative package!
This amazing little zombie doll - "Woodstock Wendy" was inside with all of these goodies and a warning . . . "There is a very small chance your Woodstock Wendy consumed some bad 'shrooms.  If she did, DO NOT open this package.  She will eat your face.  Good luck."
 "Uh-OH!  It looks like your Woodstock Wendy ate some bad 'shrooms.  If you opened this package, you are already expose.  Good luck."
 She came with some Magik 'Shrooms, Woodstock Wacky Pak soup mix, a flower power hair band (for my inner hippie), some heart stickers, a skein of tree hugger green yarn to crochet a bitchin' hat, (which is exactly what I am going to do), and a journal. 

 Everything was wrapped in what looked like scraps from an old apron.  I LOVE how the soup mix was tucked in a pocket!

Thank you so much Val for the wonderful package, such an amazing little zombie doll, and for organizing such a fun swap.  (You should be getting your package soon.)
I don't think Woodstock Wendy will be put away after Halloween . . . she may just have to find a place to sit permanently.  

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  1. Val is a great partner, she makes great zombies and sends great little goodies too!.