Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shabby Charlotte Doll . . . Mimi

I made a new little Halloween doll this week, as well as finishing my "primitive zombie" for the zombie doll swap that I joined.  I can't wait to post pictures of the little zombie doll that I am sending to Louisianan in a few days.I finally got around to making a different doll body . . . and I love how the little zombie turned out.  I am going to hate to see her go . . . but I think she is going to someone who likes little zombie dolls as much as I do.  :)
Mimi is for sale in my ETSY shop

Mimi is a clever little witch.  She likes getting up early . . . right before the sun comes up just to enjoy watching the new day begin.   Her head is always full of ideas and she doesn’t like wasting even one minute when there are so many things she wants to do.  She likes marigolds and hot tea sweetened with honey. 
Her favorite color is black and she loves Halloween. 
Her specialty is “love potions” . . . because she is just naturally good at making them.  
She tries to find some joy in every day and believes that there is a little bit of magic in everything . . .  if you just take the time to notice.  

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