Monday, September 14, 2015

sewing and skeletons . . .

 Charlotte/s Dorothy dress is all done . . . I'm just waiting on the red sparkly shoes, a basket, and Toto to arrive in the mail.  It is a little big for her . . . but I was hoping it was - so she could play with it longer.  She tried it on Saturday night and had to pretend that the kitchen floor was the Yellow Brick Road.  I really do need to make a Yellow Brick Road.  

I worked on some dolls this weekend . . . working on a zombie doll for this Zombie Doll Swap.
Charlotte found some of my little skeletons and pulled them out to play with.  The look on Richard's face was priceless when she started playing with them.  When I asked her what she was doing . . . she responded, "Playing with these dolls.  This one's name is Marie."  
This girl . . . she just makes life better!

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