Thursday, June 9, 2016

hope, joy, and cotton candy . . . .

The simple things
are often the most beautiful!
I love how certain smells bring back memories.  I have read that the sense of smell is linked to memory probably more than any of our senses.  
Walking through school yesterday and I smell cotton candy . . . 
I can't say that I have a bad memory that goes along with the smell of cotton candy.  
I love my job!  It's the last week of school - so why not be able to stop by a classroom and get some cotton candy.
. . . and it's PINK!


  1. Oh what a treat! I believe what they say about smell memory as much as what to stay away from as well as what we're drawn to. Glad you found something good!

  2. I'm always curious about this! I don't think I've had cotton candy since I was about 5 and my maternal grandfather was over from Canada, the only time I met him. And I don't remember the smell - but apparently one of the aromas we learn for our beer-tasting is, at high concentrations, like cotton candy. Maybe I should buy some for a reminder. Smells certainly are potent memory triggers, no doubt about that! And it's funny, thinking about it it seems to me that mostly they are good memories; warm pine needles in the sun, hot dry ground when it rains, lavender fields in the heat of the sun...
    Interestingly, we did training on some industry standard aromas recently and the one that was meant to be coffee - 13 of us thought it was the worst aroma in the whole selection of about 25 different ones, and only one person recognised it as coffee. The one that reminded me of paraffin lamps and smoky wood fires, a lot of other people said it was like incense. Not just a great memory trigger but a very subjective one - when I said it brought back memories of summer holidays I got a couple of odd looks from people who were firmly in the incense camp.

    1. It is very interesting . . . and it does seem to be mostly good memories. One that I get weird look about. I was in a drum and bugle corps for 5 years as a teenage. We traveled all over the US in diesel buses. I love the smell of diesel fuel - and most of the people I was in drum corps with say the same thing.