Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good Joobies . . .

 The "Index Card a Day" officially started yesterday.  The prompt for yesterday was "Mix Tape".
This is going to be fun!
 Our serious little artist was hard at work last night.  
She asked me for some yellow paint . . .When I asked her if she liked yellow, she replied, "Yellow is my favorite color too.  I like all the colors . . . colors of the rainbow is good joobies." 
 I love spending time with this girl!

ICAD prompt for today is pyramid . . . 
This isn't what I really had in mind, but I smashed some paint on a card . . . and liked the colors and came up with this.  This challenge also has weekly themes.  The first week's theme is - Inspired by words, typography, found text, poetry, old books, list making.  This is a very relaxed, fun, creative challenge . . . and you do not need to follow the prompts if you don't want to, but I think I am going to try . . . having a prompt that I need to get creative with makes it a little bit more of a "challenge" for me - and I like that.
. . . and then there is lunch with this guy.   
Hope your day if full of 

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  1. Good joobies - love it! She looks so intense painting, like she really loves what she's doing. That's good joobies!