Monday, May 30, 2016

ICAD - warm-up #* . . . imperfect cirles

Just a few more days until Daisy Yellow's ICAD challenge starts.  I am really looking forward to 61 days of creative fun.  Warm-up # 8 was "imperfect circles" . . . I came up with these monster faces.
I love monster faces!

I had hoped to also be posting pictures of a finished doll, but instead I spent a good portion of to my long weekend cleaning and organizing our garage and my art/craft supplies.  The kind of cleaning that requires an awful mess in order to do it right!  I decided to enjoy the process.
I got rid of a lot of stuff . . . and I am exhausted.  
I tend to over do . . . but that's what Tylenol is for - right?  

1. Adam's baptism . . . and being his god parents.
2. Working on index cards
3. An almost clean garage . . .(I still have a few things to go through.)
4. Making a decision . . . and making it work
5. 3 day weekend . . . and only two more weeks of school!
6. Talking to Mom . . .she will be here in about a week!
7. Reading
8. Coffee and reading the paper in the morning with Richard
9. Feeling relaxed!
10. Apricots


  1. Fun practice circles! I'm glad it's not the green-eyed monster of jealousy - the first one looks too happy for that.

  2. I must have commented on this in my head as I remember thinking about the apricots that I had decided not to buy at Costco that weekend. Just too many for two people (and he doesn't really like them). I love your monsters - they're so much fun!