Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween & Vine ~

Just a quick post before I go to bed.  It has been a long weekend of shopping, eating, and tasting beer.  I need to get some sleep - for tomorrow it is back to work.  But I just want to post a couple of pictures from our weekend.
Richard and I drove to Petaluma this weekend to attend the Halloween & Vine Art/Craft show.  I have been wanting to go for a few years.  It was worth the trip - as was Petaluma itself.  This is one of the dolls that I purchased.  I bought another doll and a cute necklace that I still need to take picture of - I will post those and some links to the artists when I get a chance.

The show was smaller than I thought it would be . . . and very crowded.  I spent more time looking and shopping that taking pictures.  I wish I had walked around again and taken some more photos to share.  The booths were wonderful - the show was great - and the people were so nice.  I could have spent a small fortune . . .


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peace, Love, Dance . . .

Jessica's magnetic sculptures from this week.  Put them all together  . . .
Peace, Love, Dance!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

recycled cami

I thought this cami would make a cute beanie for Charlotte.
I love the color and lace.  I used the strap from the cami to make the bow.   (wait a minute . . . why did I cut up this beanie?  : )
Unfortunately Charlotte was sleeping last night when I made it . . . so I will have to wait and see how it looks on her.  Hopefully it won't be too tight around her head.   I have a couple of other t-shirts with printing on them that would make cute beanies . . . so if this one is too small - I will try again.
Smile & Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50 new cranes ready to go

I worked on cranes for my crane project last night.  I have 50 new cranes all folded, quoted, and ready to go.
If you haven't seen my crane project before . . . check it out here.
It is taking me a little longer than I expected.  Life gets in the way once in awhile and I don't get as many cranes dropped as I would like, but I am still at it and will finish with 1000 cranes. 
I've had some responses lately - both from people who have picked up my cranes and from people who have found my 1000 crane project on-line. 
I love how they look . . .

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Treasures . . .

We visited a couple of second hand stores and antiques stores on Saturday.  (One of my favorite things to do.)  Stella had to check out this basket . . . of course.  She actually curled up in it later.  So I guess she likes it.
I found this little drawer at an antique shop - I haven't decided what I am going to put in it yet, but I'm sure I will find something that needs to be tucked away in a special drawer.
A small hook - it actually if a very cool shade of pink (sort of hard to tell from this picture.)
From the second hand store . . .  some picture frames that I am going to spray paint tonight.  I didn't realize when I bought them that the smaller one has pictures of crop circles . . . that  made me laugh for some reason.
And this special treasure . . .

"A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men."  ~ Martin Fraquhar Tupper

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I want to go back here . . .

We stopped here a couple of weeks ago . . . sort of a small flea market/peddlers fair on the way to the mountains.  I think I could have spent most of the day just looking at this one ladies stuff.  Unfortunately we didn't stay long - but it looked as if she was there for more than that one weekend.  There are definitely some treasures hidden on these tables.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I am feeling restless for some reason today . . . I guess unsettled would be a better word and I am not really sure why.  I am trying to think what I could do to help change my mood.  Maybe a ride in the country and some silliness would help. 
I am making an attempt at this journal - trying not to be too critical of myself and making myself post photos of my pages.  Let's see where this goes. 
It's Saturday and I have tons of things I should be doing - I think instead I will go play!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Desktop Doodles


Desktop doodles . . . seems like I can't answer the phone at work without doo doo doodling.  Usually at the end of the month - if I like my doodles, I cut them out and use them in my journal.  Sometime, I just can't bring myself to throw the page away . . . I like these little faces - I will use them in my journal for sure.


Check this out . . . A group of high school students in Hiroshima have sent 1000 paper cranes to every president and prime minister worldwide. In return, they are asking for a message of support for a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

I have my own paper crane project.
Look at it here . . .
 . . . or on facebook!/pages/1000-Paper-Cranes/170850606364512

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charlotte . . .

I can't even find the words to describe how I feel . . . .
A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. ~Carl Sandburg

Saturday, September 15, 2012

For Today -

For today: September 15, 2012

Outside my window... Sunshine and heat.  It is supposed to be over 100 degrees again.  Yesterday we set a record

I am thinking... it is pretty amazing being a grandma.

I am thankful for... my family.

From the kitchen... grilling tri-tip tonight.

I am wearing... My new t-shirt that reads . . . be the change you wish to see - SHINE!  I got it here.  The Shine Project

I am creating... crocheting beanies . . . and starting my first art journal.

I am going... to enjoy my weekend.

I am reading... Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (just starting it actually)  My kids think I'm a silly for reading it.  : )

I am hoping... to cut out some Halloween dolls this weekend.

I am hearing... my family talking and a football game.

Around the house... family, football, and food

One of my favorite things... my index card calendar

A few plans for the rest of the week... (weekend)  This morning consisted of watching hot air balloons, Clovisfest, taking Lily to breakfast and the CSUF farm . . . the rest of the weekend I hope to spend getting acquainted with Charlotte.

From my picture journal...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm a Grandma!

Update . . . change of mind on the middle name . . . and she is 18 1/2 inches long.
She's a wee little thing . . . and oh so precious.  I still haven't found out how long she is.  I do know that she is the perfect size to hold and love.  I loved her before she was born - and knew that I couldn't wait to see her and hold her . . . but I am actually surprised by how this tiny little girl has touched my heart already and the emotions she has stirred in me.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Morning!

I decided to turn the old picture frame that I spray painted into a chalkboard . . . for no other reason that I wanted to try the chalkboard paint.  The paint seems a little expensive.  I believe this is a quart and it was $20.  I guess if you were painting an entire wall and needed quite a bit then that would be a concern.  For little projects like this - this quart will go a long ways.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

sunrise . . . sunset

Richard called me at work the other morning . . . said I needed to step outside and look at the sunrise.  (I love it when he does that.)  The photo doesn't really show how beautiful it was . . . sometimes when I see the utility poles I find myself wishing I was out where those poles and lines did not cut into my sunrise.  I am not sure why lately - I find myself wanting to escape.  : )  Maybe because of growing up in a small town?  Maybe because the town that we live in has grown quite a bit and is more hectic than it used to be?  Maybe I just want a little more peace and quiet . . . and a little more simplicity. 
  Our day time temps are still in the 90's - but there is a subtle difference letting us know that the seasons are changing.  The mornings and evenings are cooler and the days are getting shorter.  It won't be long before I will be going to work in the dark - for some reason I like that. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nut Fish or Fish Nut?

I keep this magnetic nut sculpture thingy on my desk mainly for Jessica.  Everyone who sits by my desk messes with it - but Jessica is the only one that really creates anything with it . . . I get a new sculpture nearly everyday.  It isn't long before someone else sits down and messes it up - but there is always a new one.  She has made a scorpion, a weight lifter, an alligator . . . to name a few.  Earlier this week she made a boat and today a fish. 
Jessica loves fishing.  In an earlier post I had pictures of the fish softie I had made her for her birthday. 
She went a little further than just the magnets this time . . . I love it when she stops by my desk.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take me out to the ball game . . .

She was pretty sure she was going to catch a foul ball. 
I simply love that she has some idea what a foul ball is.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The fairies are back . . .

Last year about this same time I saw a fairy circle out on the playground at school.  I was walking out that way this morning and spotted another one.  The fairies will be out dancing tonight . . . or at least I like to think so.  : )

loving spray paint . . .

While we were on our way to see the giant sequoias this weekend we stopped at a small peddler's fair.  We didn't spend much time there - but it looks as if it is there permanently, so we plan on going back.  I found this frame for $4.  All it needed was some spray paint . . .
. . . now what to do with it?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Peace & Quiet

I love getting out in the country.  It isn't that I live in a big city . . . but it is city enough.  Every so often I just want to go for a ride in the country to enjoy the quiet and see what I can see.  I don't need amazing trees and mountains to enjoy a ride in the country . . . yesterday it was fun just to take a short ride . . . and get of the beaten track a little bit. 
“It's opener, out there, in the wide, open air.”
                                                       ~ Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You'll Go! 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sept 1, 2012 . . . day trip


We decided to get out of the heat and do something fun yesterday.  We have lived just a short drive away from the Giant Sequoias for more than 20 years and I have never seen them.  That is terrible - right?  So - that is where we took set off for yesterday. 
What a beautiful day!  And the trees are of course amazing.  You can spend the whole day walking and driving around this forest and continue to be in awe of them.  On our drive up - a good size bear walked out of the trees and crossed the road in front of us.  We were so excited - that by the time I got my camera out to take a picture - he was too far into the shadows for me to snap a picture of him.  (from now on . . . always have camera in my hands - even while driving) 
General Sherman

When I snapped this picture it reminded me of Darth Vadar . . . now that I look it maybe Darth Vadar's head on the Michelin Man.  LOL
I don't know - big trees, big shadow.  Whatever . . . it made me laugh.
We wanted to climb Moro Rock.  Rather than take a shuttle we took a trail through the forest.  It was only about 1.5 miles and so beautiful . . . but every so often I found myself thinking about the bear that we say earlier . . .
This is Moro Rock . . . I really wanted to climb this.  I am somewhat afraid of heights - and am trying to do things that I normally would not do.  I did not make it to the very end.  I got up to where you can see the railing on the right.  When I looked ahead (you can see one man up there in the picture) - I decided I had probably gone far enough for me.  The steps were really crowded with people hanging onto small kids and I couldn't actually see what was up and around the turn.  I didn't want to get up there and not be able to turn back if I wanted.  I know - big chicken.  : )  But for being afraid of heights . . . I did pretty good.  I just had the feeling once I got up around the turn I would be looking straight over the railing at nothing but air and a long way down.

Coming back home . . . had to stop at Minkler Cash Store.