Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A squirrel, tennis, and paper cranes . . .

I didn't get my doll finished last night.  My husband had to go in and pick up something from work, so we decided while we were there we would play some tennis.  As much as I wanted to spend sometime in my craft room . . . it also gave me a chance to take some pictures and drop some of my paper cranes on campus.   Peace ~ Love ~ Cranes . . . I am hoping to get some feedback on the paper crane that I stuck in a book that will be delivered to another library . . . I guess we will see.
I would have loved to get closer to the squirrel in the top photo - he wasn't really to worried about me, but when I took one more step he ran off.  I wish I would have had my other camera - then I could have gotten a closer shot.  Squirrels always remind me of my dad . . . and thinking about him - although it makes me sad . . . the memories also make me smile. 


  1. I envy your weather right now. I've about had it with snow and we're expecting more. I'd love to get out on my bike.....even if there are hills!

  2. I can imagine you are tired of the snow . . . my friends and family in the Midwest are saying the same thing. I hope Spring isn't far off. We need rain so bad out her though . . . hoping to get a good amount this weekend.