Thursday, August 21, 2014

fun stuff from yesterday . . .

 I found this guy on my sunflowers yesterday.  I didn't have as many sunflowers this year and my giant ones didn't do well at all.  I had quite a few coming up and when Richard weeded . . . he didn't realize what they were and pulled quite a few of them out.  He apologized more than once . . . since he knows how much I like them - but stuff happens.  I did get a few of these smaller ones . . . they may not be as grand as the giant sunflowers - but happy and pretty just the same.  At least the grasshopper seems to them.  
 I also have come to like marigolds . . . which I'm sure is because I like and am fascinated by Day of the Dead traditions.  Marigolds are used in Day of the Dead altars.  They are a symbol of death and are referred to as the "flower of the dead."  In Spanish they are known as cempazuchitl, cempasuchil, or zempasuchitl.  
 A peace sign tissue box . . . of course I had to get it.  
 Taking time to relax over dinner . . . and folding some paper cranes.  I have to say the best thing about this picture is that guy in the background.
Here's to the small stuff that make my days a little happier!

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