Sunday, August 24, 2014

Three Sisters . . .

 Shabby Charlotte dolls . . . Three Sisters
Dona Mae, Sue Ann, & Helen Lee

Dona Mae
 Dona Mae is a special little doll . . . who doesn’t realize just how special she is.  She is the most comfortable around the people she knows, but she likes to make new friends and isn’t afraid to try new things.  She likes birds, raggedy dolls, vanilla cappuccinos, watching old movies, and listening to music.  If the right song comes on - you will notice her feet begin to move . . . she just can’t help it.  She likes to make things – especially when she is making a gift for someone or making something for her home.  She surrounds herself with the things she loves and feels sentimental about.  Her keepsakes remind her of the people she loves and the good times she had with them.
Dona Mae realizes the importance of a kind word, a hug, and a prayer . . . someone who loves her very much has tucked a special paper crane in her bag to thank her for teaching her the importance of those things also.

 Helen Lee
Helen Lee is a fun loving little doll and a little on the quiet side.  She likes to go shopping, sew, and have coffee with her friends.  And if you spot a good yard sale – she loves to stop and take a look around . . . you never know what treasure she may find.  If you find yourself sitting at her kitchen table you may find yourself sipping a glass of wine and reminiscing about old times or crafting something fun.  She likes to collect things – especially chicken and rooster things.  Helen Lee hates to have her picture taken, but loves to keep pictures of everyone else . . . she is a keeper of memories and carries a little locket in her bag to hold all the memories she has of the people she loves.  Sometimes she worries a little too much – so the locket also holds a special hug just in case she needs it.  She cares about the people she loves very much - so someone who loves her very much has tucked a special paper crane in her bag to remind her that she is thought of often and loved always!

 Sue Ann
 Sue Ann is little doll with a big heart.  She has a creative streak that can turn something ordinary into something unique.  She likes chips and salsa, cold beer, and every so often a good cup of coffee.  She loves to use her scissors to give a good haircut . . . I think she has always known that it’s not just about the haircut, but also about making people feel good.  She likes to have fun and be around people, but she is just as happy spending time by herself in her little craft nook with a can full of buttons and a spool of wire. 
Sue Ann goes out of her way to help the people she cares about.  There is a special paper crane in her bag to remind her just how much she is loved and appreciated. 
Her faith has gotten her through some tough times.  The little cross she wears around her neck is to remind her of that faith . . . and that God is always with her.

I will be sending these dolls off this week to three very special woman . . . my mom and my two aunts.  I can't even begin to put into words how much the three of them mean to me and the influence they have had on me - not only while I was growing up, but also as an adult.  The dolls were actually somewhat hard for me to make . . . I wanted them to be as special as the women that I was making them for.  It always seems to be a little bit harder for me to make something for someone I really care about. 
There have been times when I would watch them and feel cheated that I never had a sister . . . put the three of them together and there was fun, laughs, hard work, amazing talent, and an energy I can't explain.  They are similar . . . yet each so very different and unique. 
(Aunt Hess . . . you will probably see this post before you get your doll.  I wanted to surprise you, but I just was too anxious to post about them.)  
"How do people make it through life without a sister?"  
~ Sara Corpening

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