Sunday, February 21, 2016

sidewalk chalk . . .

The seasons are changing . . . and with the warmer Spring days we find ourselves spending more time outside.  I had intended on sitting on the patio with a cup of tea and my journal . . . but Charlotte had other ideas.  Sidewalk chalk is always a good idea!  She seems to have a thing about eyelashes lately and had to put eyelashes on everything we drew. 
 She so often is exactly what I need . . .
I strive to find joy in everyday . . . but seeing life through the eyes of a child is amazing.  I really try to just stop and enjoy whatever it is we are doing . . . and not to rush anything . . . to live in the moment . . . to stop and realize the importance of rabbits having eyelashes.  


  1. the rabbit with eyelashes! Jessica Rabbit, eat your heart out. We didn't have sidewalks near us ( though we did have our own chalkboard in the house) so I've never done this, but I remember DH spending time drawing on the path with a friend's youngest son when we were staying over with them.

  2. Oh the wisdom of the little ones! All rabbits should have eyelashes of course. What fun!