Monday, January 16, 2017

doodles, paint, and omelets . . . . and withdrawals

 I needed a reminder today . . . 
"Faith isn't a feeling.  It's a choice to trust God
even when the road ahead seems uncertain."
~ Dave
  . . . doodles and paint
. . . and when my husband makes an omelet - it smiles!
I needed smiling omelets today.  
I quit drinking coffee on Thursday.  Just typing that makes me wonder what was I was thinking? I drank a few cups of tea to get me through the headache . . . and I thought that would be it, but NO - there seems to be more to it.  It has been five days . . . I am so tired and feel like I am just off or in a fog . . . I guess sluggish is a good word.  I'm congested and even though the worst of the headache is gone . . . it feels like it is still right there under the surface.   By 3:00 in the afternoon I can't keep my eyes open . . . I have just given in to a 3 hour nap every afternoon . . . and I don't usually take naps.  Of course I had to get online a find out what I could about caffeine withdrawal.  Who would of thought . . . and what was I thinking?  I love coffee!  . . . did I mention that I LOVE COFFEE!
I actually made the decision due to some health issues . . . so it is a good decision.  
I am drinking herbal tea (which is NOT coffee) . . . but I love the message on my tea bag tonight.


  1. I like your"faith" pebble, I could do with making myself one. And I love the doodled flowers. My memory could be totally wrong but I instantly thought of the Dr. Doolittle book when they go to the moon, and they breath oxygen from bell-shaped flowers. I wish you all the best with giving up coffee, I'm quite sure it's not easy. I remember my mother doing it after she had a heart attack, although she did start drinking it again...And for us growing up, the first sound in the kitchen every morning was the coffee being ground.

    1. That sound first thing in the morning . . . and the smell is one of my favorite things. I guess that is all part of the addiction because when I read that in your comment my mouth actually started to water. LOL . . . Eventually I will treat myself to a cup of decaf every so often. :)

  2. Going caffeine-free is rough. But you can do it. You'll find the balance in your energy level again. In the meantime, naps are good. They can refresh your mind and your body.