Wednesday, January 25, 2017

more paper cranes . . . .

 Charlotte wanted to color with me  - so we worked on coloring some origami paper. 
 She had to leave before her sheet was finished . . . so that paper crane is yet to come.
  I can't wait to see what her crane looks like once she is done and I get it folded.

 I used some watercolor pencils on my sheet .  I colored it rather quickly and 
dabbed it here and there with a wet paint brush . . . then had to wait
for it to dry before folding a crane.  I like how it turned out . . . but then,
I always like how paper cranes turn out.  
I have been a little obsessed with paper cranes this week!


  1. Cranes on cranes - so beautifully colored!

  2. That is so cool!! I love the idea of folding a crane from crane paper. A double dose of creative therapy.